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Spacecraft Verification Facilities

Morehead-Spacecraft-Assembly-and-Integration-Facility.JPGThe Morehead State University Spacecraft Verification Laboratory houses:

  • Vibration Analysis System
  • Helmholz Coil
  • Large Anechoic Chamber

Within these facilities, small spacecraft (up to 100 kg) can be tested and verified typically via hardware in the loop methods. Subsystems including communications, systems, attitude determination and control, power generation, power management systems, and command and data handling systems are flight verified in these facilities. The Spacecraft Verification Lab is capable of supporting Hardware In the Loop testing (HWIL) and Flight Code in the Loop (FCIL) of small spacecraft and ubsystems. For HWIL, instrumentation is used to simulate on orbit operation, including power loads (simulated spacecraft payloads) and ground station to spacecraft communications (utilizing a ground station simulator). For FCIL complete flight code is compiled into software simulation (primarily using AGI’s Satellite Tool Kit) and simulated delays and error conditions test software logic. Orbital simulation incorporates SGP4, Aero, Gravity, GS Contact and ADCS sensor operation.

The Spacecraft Verification Lab provides testing services for Morehead State University spacecraft and is available as a commercial service.