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Caudill College Justice Festival

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The 2nd annual Justice Festival will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Adron Doran University Center on the campus of Morehead State University, featuring MSU alum Dr. Roger Cleveland as the keynote speaker.

Schedule of Events

Opening Session (9:30-10:30 am, ADUC Ballroom A)

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Breakout Session 1 (10:45-11:45 a.m., choose one)

  • Julia Finch, Appalachian Art and Long Environmentalism, ADUC 311
  • Sylvia Henneberg, Charity vs. Justice: A Failed Attempt at Sponsoring Displaced Ukrainians, ADUC 321
  • Rebecca Davison, Using Experiential Learning to Increase Social Empathy and Understanding of Poverty, ADUC 329

Breakout Session 2 (1:30-2:30 p.m., choose one)

  • Douglas Mock, "'A Cleaner Planet.' For me, but not for Thee," ADUC 321
  • David Grise, Déjà Vu and the History of Immigration Law, ADUC 329
  • Casey Cosgriff and Suzannah Chapman-Johnson, Issues of Justice and Equity in Special Education: Labels, Language, and Problems with the Medical Model of Disability, ADUC 311

Breakout Session 3 (2:45-3:45 p.m., choose one)

  • Scott Davison, Sex, Gender, Orientation, and Discrimination: A Conceptual Analysis, ADUC 321
  • Bernadette Barton, Reproductive Rights after the Dobbs Decision, ADUC 329
  • Lynn Geurin, Taunya Carpenter, and Megan Cox, Cultural Competence in Mental
  • Health Care, ADUC 311

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Roger Cleveland (Director, Faculty Diversity and Development,
Eastern Kentucky University and MSU alum), "Issues of Equity and Justice in Education" (4-5:30
p.m., ADUC 329)

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