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The Spice of Life

Black History Month

The Spice of Life

Create your own spice blend - music prizes and more. Sponsored by the Eagle Diversity Education Center and Campus Activities Board.


The Eagle Diversity Education Center (EDEC) is dedicated to developing and sustaining an academic, social and cultural environment that embraces and supports diverse student populations. We strive to consistently generate and facilitate activities and programs that challenge, support and contribute to the continued development and success of students of color.

EDEC is inclusive to all University community members and focuses on African-American, Latino and Hispanic students. It coordinates an array of educational, cultural and social programs, collaborating with faculty, staff, academic departments and campus organizations to encourage and stimulate positive social interaction, cultural and community awareness.


The Campus Activities Board (CAB) enhances and unifies the MSU community by providing collaborative programming that supports student engagement and a co-curricular learning experience that complements MSU’s academic mission.