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Alexis Brown's 'Reflection of Life' Exhibit

Poster for "Reflections of Life" art exhibit

Come see artwork from several of Morehead State University's talented art and design students.

Morehead State University art and design student Alexis Brown will present the self-initiated exhibit "Reflection of Life." The exhibit will be displayed at the Camden-Carroll Library’s Diversity Gallery (located on the second floor) from Nov. 15 through Dec. 5.

An opening reception will take place at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15. 

Other exhibiting students include: 

  • Xak Adkins 
  • Chance Basford 
  • Michele Ko 
  • Cameron McIntosh 
  • Adrienne Tuttle

For more information about programs in Art and Design at Morehead State University, please email or call 606-783-2766