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Housing Update

This is a challenging time for everyone within our University community and the housing office is mindful of the stress that this situation may cause. MSU is resilient and we will make it through this unprecedented situation by coming together as a community. If there are additional ways in which the housing office can support please contact us at 606-783-2060 or
Once you have moved all items out of your room on your assigned day, please visit the service desk in your residence hall and complete an express check out envelope with the Office of Student Housing staff stationed there. Once your belongings are out of your room and you have returned your keys, your check out is complete and you can depart. 
Any students with extenuating circumstances that warrant a need for housing on campus following the residence hall closure can submit a request to remain in designated campus housing for the remainder of the Spring semester. Instructions for making this request were communicated in an email to the student’s MSU account and outlined above. Requests are not automatically approved and reasons for request will be verified.
Information will be sent out in the coming weeks regarding room selection for the Fall semester. Current MSU students who have already re-contracted a space for the 2020-2021 academic year have already secured their on-campus selection spot. Current MSU students and incoming MSU students who are intending to live on campus should regularly check their MSU email for updates regarding room selection for the Fall 2020 semester. Any student who needs to submit a waiver to live off-campus for the 2020-2021 academic year should still submit any required documentation to have that waiver reviewed and approved/denied. Please check the MSU Office of Student Housing website for full details on how to submit a Request for Waiver of On-Campus Residency Policy form. 
Mail service to the residence halls will stop when the halls are closed. Subscriptions should be changed as soon as possible to your new address. If you have packages that have yet to be picked up from the University Postal Center, please do so before your departure or the item will be returned to sender. 
In order to facilitate a smooth and controlled move-out, each hall will have a designated day between March 23 and March 26 for students to return and move-out. If a resident is unable to move-out on their hall’s designated day, they can make arrangements to move-out on Friday, March 27. All students must vacate their residence hall no later than 7 p.m. on Friday, March 27. 
For students not remaining in the residence hall after Friday (March 27), and whose housing was not credited by institutional funding (e.g. institutional scholarships or housing awards), MSU we issue a prorated credit to the student account for future use.  We ask that you be patient as we work through the aspect of housing credits. Over the next few weeks the university will contact you regarding your account.