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International students in a classroom
Dear International Students:
Happy New Year! We here at Morehead State University, and especially in the Office of International Student Services, are happy to see you return for Spring 2021. 

We came together to make Fall 2020 a success.  I was able to be at work every day with the privilege of serving you, our great student body.  You all went to class, ate on campus, and returned to your residence knowing you would be safe.  Professors taught in classrooms where CDC guidelines were observed.  We did the right things so that we can have the right experience.

Spring 2021 promises to be a continuation of Fall 2020.  Continue to follow the guidelines that have been set out.  There is still free COVID-19 testing in the community.  You can be tested even if you have been tested several times before.  Here is what St. Claire is doing for you and other members of our community:

As always, we are here in the Office of International Student Services to assist you.  Come by for help.  Or just drop in for a chat.

Clay Lebreche
Director of International Student Services/SEVIS
239 Adron Doran University Center