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Campus Communication 6-1-2020

Dear Eagle Family:

Recent events across the country have caused Kentuckians and Americans to reflect on a number of issues. You may have seen some of these being broadcast on television and social media.

More specifically, Morehead State University condemns racism, injustice, and violence and strives to maintain a campus atmosphere where all students and employees are free from such. As an institution of higher learning engaged in preparing the next generation of leaders, MSU has an obligation to model inclusivity and embrace diversity. The recent events have certainly illustrated the need for more education, compassion, and empathy for all humanity.

We reaffirm MSU’s core values:
  • PEOPLE come first and are treated with dignity and respect;
  • DIVERSITY and INCLUSION of people and thought;
It is important that we engage in deep, thoughtful, and meaningful conversations. During this time, please know that we care about the well-being of all Eagles and want to be supportive.

Should you feel that it would be helpful, we have a number of resources available. Should any student or employee wish to contact our University Counseling and Health Services office they may do so at 606-783-2055, or our Eagle Diversity Education Center at 606-783-9051. In addition, other contacts are available as well. The following faculty and staff are knowledgeable about resources and are available to our broad base of students and employees to listen: It is more important – particularly now – that we remember we are all members of One Eagle Family.