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Evaluation Committee

Section 7. The Committee on Evaluation is concerned with the evaluation of faculty and administrative personnel. Its specific concerns include:

  • Periodic reviews of department, College, and University plans for faculty evaluation and performance-based salary adjustments
  • Review the promotion and tenure plans for consistency with the appropriate policies and provide feedback to the appropriate Promotion and Tenure Committees
  • Participate in formulating tools and processes for the assessment of academic administrators in conjunction with Human Resources
  • Formulation and review of policies concerning the use of assessment results
  • Conducting assessment of Faculty Senate effectiveness
  • Assess alignment of Strategic Plan by reviewing open access student data posted from Institutional Research
  • Chair of this committee shall receive from Provost UAR revisions prior to posting of final revisions. Chair of this committee shall discuss revision with Executive Council prior to posting of final revisions


  • Chair: Lesia Lennex (COE)
  • Annie Adams (Regent)
  • J.T. Blackledge (COS)
  • Alison Hruby (CAHS)
  • Kimberly Fatten (COBT)
  • Tom Kmetz (Lib)
  • Roma Prindle (CAHS)
  • Sherry Stultz (COE)
  • Vijay Subramanian (COS)