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Shannon Harr

photo: Shannon HarrMy name is Shannon Harr and I am running to be re-elected as your Staff Regent on the Board of Regents. I am currently serving as your Staff Regent, and am eager to continue to represent the hard working staff of MSU.
I am a two time graduate of MSU, and have been an employee for 17 years. Prior to serving as Staff Regent, I served as a Staff Congress representative for 12 years, serving as Chair, Vice-chair and Staff Issues Committee Chair. I am also a graduate of the President’s Leadership Academy.
These are uncertain times in post-secondary education. Declining enrollment, declining state support and the introduction of performance based funding are contributing to unprecedented budget shortfalls across Kentucky. While MSU has been fiscally conservative by limiting new hires and consolidating services, we are not immune to budgetary woes.
Experience matters and I feel that my experience serving as Staff Regent gives me a firm understanding of the budgetary challenges (as well as other challenges) we are facing right now. I hope to be able to continue to work with the other Board members to ensure that MSU can continue to fulfill its mission of educating students from our service region and beyond.
I have enjoyed representing the staff for the past three years. I have forged good relationships with other board members, and I feel like I am making a positive impact as Staff Regent. I humbly ask for your support to allow me to continue to serve.