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2016 Staff Salutes

October 2016

Jimmie D Martin has made the following nomination for staff salutes for the month of October 2016:

  • I would like to nominate Robert Sparks for a staff salute because he is a great supervisor and an amazing resource to all, especially minority students. Rob has done a lot for this institution and it's time he got some recognition.


August 2016

Shannon A Colvin has made the following nominations for staff salutes for the month of August 2016:

  • Shout out to the staff that volunteered to help with traffic patterns, directional advice and answering questions during the move in process.
  • A special nomination to Margaret LaFontaine and Melisa Patrick for organizing the staff and faculty volunteers to help the move in process go smoothly!
  • I would also like to nominate Erica Williams for her work organizing and overseeing over 600 student volunteers to help with the move in process for new students.  Student volunteers are a critical key to the success of a smooth move in process.  Erica went above and beyond which is especially amazing since she has only worked at MSU for about 8 months and has never seen the process in action.  She did an amazing job!

​July 2016

J Marshall nominated Melisa Patrick for a Staff Salute!

  • Melisa serves as the primary liaison for MSU and Governor's Scholars Program.  We have a new campus director this year, Bryan Rich of Louisville.  Melisa has worked very hard to help transition Bryan innto his position here at MSU and help him negotiate the different stakeholders on our campus that have commitment to the program.  We have had some challenges given construction and new faces in some of the positions but she always is positive and diplomatic and customer service oriented in how she goes about this.  She respects and values the human resources involved in managing our efforts to be a good host for the GSP Program.  ​I nominate Melisa for a staff salute for all her hard work related to GSP.