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2017 Staff Salutes


I would like to nominate the staff of the MSU Library and the staff of our Facilities team for their extraordinary assistance in this year's Celebration of Student Scholarship. While ADUC renovations caused a disruptive displacement, the Library and Facilities staff were of immeasurable help in organizing, setting up technology, and getting materials into place to make this yet another wonderful and successful event for our students!
-Scott Niles

Laura Rucker is a great representative for her area!  Recently she sent her constituents an email asking for feedback about an issue Staff Congress was discussing.  Not only did she respond to my email but she followed up with me to keep me informed.  I am happy to have her represent my voice in Staff Congress.


I would like to nominate the staff in Procurement Services for successfully closing another fiscal year.  It takes a great deal of effort and hard work on their part to ensure commodities and services are ordered, received and paid for in the proper year.  This is no small task and once again, they stepped up and made it happen.

I would like to officially welcome our new president Dr. Jay Morgan by honoring him with a Staff Salute. In his short time at MSU, Dr. Morgan has already reached out to staff and is making us a part of the decision-making process. I believe MSU staff are energized and excited about the opportunity to play a significant role in the future shaping of our University!


I am pleased to recognize Ann Cooper, who is a Building Services Technician, with a staff salute for her outstanding service to us all here in Ginger Hall. Ann works hard to keep our surroundings in tip-top shape and always renders professional service with a smile. Thank you, Ann. We appreciate you!

Sarah Finnegan is always on-time, forward-thinking, insightful, welcoming, intelligent, willing to help, logical, and pleasant to be around. She is an obvious informal leader among her peers and a stellar supervisor to her student staff.


I would like to thank the moving crew for their hard work cheerfully helping me and others in my department relocate.

I would like to recognize the grounds crew for making the campus festive by putting up lights to prepare for another holiday season. Also, the facilities personnel who work every day to keep our buildings and campus clean.  Thank you for all you do!


Mark Schafer's knowledge and work ethic has been a great asset to MSU over the years and will be missed upon his impending retirement.

I just think the Staff Congress should be recognized for the great job they do in handling childish "concerns". I'm sure there are a lot of "smh" (shake my head) moments as the comments and concerns come through, so thank you all for handling them as professionally as possible.