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2019 Staff Salutes


Vicky Cooper and Lora Pace"Vicky Cooper is the behind the scenes person in our office. She is the person who consistently volunteers to help others within the department and the community to do their jobs. Whenever, she is asked she pleasantly responds, yes, I am glad to help. She goes out of her way to help others within and outside of the department. She is a great ambassador for MSU in the community. However, she never wants to take credit or be recognized. We want to recognize her for an outstanding job."

CoryClark.jpg"Cory Clark has done an amazing job fostering community among our minority students for several years.  He has worked with reduced resources and last year had a 78% retention rate among minority students at MSU. That is amazing and should be recognized. Cory is among the best resources that we have at MSU and should be recognized for it."



Brenda-Dehart.JPG"Brenda Dehart is one of those "go to" folks on campus when you need something done or need help finding your way to the right person. She works with students, staff and faculty and is always kind, courteous and supportive. She is the linchpin that helps keep RSP running smoothly."



Chris Howes and Lora PaceDr. Chris Howes: "I would like to recognize the positive changes that IT has made under the leadership of Chris Howes. There have been a number of improvements in technology at MSU in the past year and it is much appreciated."

Doug Snedegar and Lora PaceDoug Snedegar: "Doug goes above and beyond what's required of him to provide great customer service and has an excellent turnaround time in getting needed items to a department quickly. The Eagle Card Office wouldn't be the same without him."



Mica-Collins_web.jpgMica Collins: “Mica Collins is a dedicated, cheerful, professional employee who puts the needs of students first. She is always polite, cheerful and answers questions and fixes problems. Mica recently took on additional duties supporting two departments and should be commended for all that she does on a daily basis. She is definitely an asset to her departments and MSU. Thank you, Mica!” 


Keith-Quinn_web.jpgKeith Quinn: “Keith does an outstanding job every night. He always comes in with a smile and goes beyond what is asked. Anything you ask of him, he always says, 'I’ll make it happen.' Very personable and truly cares about his people and the University.” 

Michelle-Barber-and-Sara-Larson_web.jpgMichelle Emrick, Ollie Floyd, and Gera Jones: “Michelle Emrick, Ollie Floyd, and Gera Jones, are truly assets to the Graduate School. They provide excellent customer services to our students and go above and beyond to ensure each receives the best possible experience. The University is lucky to have such positive representatives who devote all their efforts to making MSU a better place.”

Kay-Hampton_web.jpgArlene Kay Hampton: “Without her leadership, the under staffed Building Services Technicians wouldn't be able to keep the buildings on campus looking as good as they do. Not only does she supervise, she also gets down and dirty filling in the many gaps in coverage and cleans with the best of them. Not to mention that when events happen on campus that certain people try to sneak in under the radar, she is on top of things by making sure someone is there to clean up the messes.” 

Michelle-Barber-and-Sara-Larson_web-(1).jpgMichelle Barber and Sara Larson: “While being understaffed in some major areas of their department, Michelle and Sara have worked hard to provide retention services to our students. They do so with a smile and never forget that the student comes first.”



Lora Pace and Clarissa PurnellOutgoing chair Clarissa Purnell receives a gavel in recognition of her service to Staff Congress.

Rhonda Ferguson and Lora PaceRhonda Ferguson: Rhonda is one of the most organized and helpful staff members we are blessed to work with. She manages a workload for at least two people, and somehow gets her work done correctly and with kindness.

Clarissa Purnell and Lora PaceOutgoing vice chair and long-time representative Lora Pace receives a certificate of appreciation.



Rhonda Hutchinson Ferguson -“Rhonda is one of the most organized and helpful staff members we are blessed to work with. She manages a workload for at least two people, and somehow gets her work done correctly and with kindness.”

Wayne Kelsey – “Wayne has a wonderful attitude towards his work and MSU. He is working in all types of weather but he always has a smile on his face. He never fails to say good morning and ask how you are doing. He is very polite and always willing to help. MSU is lucky to have him.”
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Chris Bledsoe - “When something needs to be fixed, he jumps right in and is willing to help. If you have a question, he is never too busy to answer it or show you how to do it for yourself. He is always kind as well. I salute Chris Bledsoe!”

Traci Webster – “Traci always goes above and beyond to help others on campus. Her willingness to help others and take care of issues is fantastic. She is a great asset to MSU. Thank you Traci for all you do!”



Kody Baker – “Kody is always willing to help others here in campus. He's knowledgeable about his position and doesn't hesitate to help other co-workers. Anytime that I have had to work with Kody, he has always tried to find ways to improve processes to make work more efficient. Kody is a true asset to the Bookstore/Eagle Card and the University.”

Tom Wornall – “Tom's programming skills have quietly helped a number of departments in big ways. He is consistently finding a solution and a path forward when none are apparent.”

Quentin Banks – “Quentin is the data expert... Anytime a report is needed, he is always ready and willing to assist even when we are not sure how to get the information we need. We need more Quentins!!!”
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Rebecca King – “Rebecca King should be recognized for her recent accomplishments with National Student Clearinghouse reporting process transition. Rebecca has successfully assisted the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar with the cleanup and transition of the reporting process between the two departments. Accurate and timely submission of this report is critical to continued Title IV funding. Thank You Becky!!!”



Grounds & General Services –"The groundskeepers at Facilities Management need to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to ensuring that the grounds of MSU look presentable. These guys have worked long hours to ensure that our campus looks nice for our faculty, staff, students, parents and the general public. Thank you.”
“I would like to give the MSU grounds staff a big salute. They have been working effortlessly the last few weeks to get campus looking great for the return of our students. I know that they have been working overtime to get things done and they have done an exceptional job. Campus has not looked this good in a long time. Thank you grounds for the great work that you do every day.”
Wayne Kelsey – “Wayne has a wonderful attitude towards his work and MSU. He is working in all types of weather but he always has a smile on his face. He never fails to say good morning and ask how you are doing. He is very polite and always willing to help. MSU is lucky to have him."

Meau Jones –“Meau Jones has a student-centered mindset. He has continuously been involved in campus activities and the well-being of all students. He is always willing to sacrifice his personal time to help others. He embodies our University motto of One Eagle One Family!!”

Russell Thurman –“For over two decades Rusty has served on the IT programming staff and in numerous senior project management roles. Rusty's comprehensive knowledge of our student information systems and student-centric business processes is amazing. He is always ready and willing to help find solutions, help with data reports or troubleshoot problems, but never takes credit for his own work. I would like to nominate him so that he can finally get some of the recognition he deserves.”

Marsha Bartley –“Marsha is the Building Service supervisor. Outstanding supervisor. Great worker. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Very dependable. Marsha takes care of the student dormitories. Always making sure they are clean and safe for the students.”



Susan Maxey – Dr. Susan Maxey is a fabulous supervisor, a huge asset to our department and is so deserving of this award and recognition. Dr. Maxey is the Director of the Graduate School and the Graduate Certification Officer. She is directly responsible for managing the activities related to graduate school education and programs. Over the many years of her service and experience, she has expanded the number of graduate programs available, worked to make many of the programs online, and created the first ever model for the Graduate School Advising Center. Dr. Maxey is focused on providing the best customer service to graduate students. She has implemented Early Alerts for graduate students, which is an early intervention process that has greatly aided in improving retention. Under Dr. Maxey’s supervision, the Early Grad School program was created to offer MSU undergraduate students an opportunity to get a jump start on graduate school. Despite the overwhelming amount of work that everyone has to do, Dr. Maxey consistently finds ways to help her staff.  She makes time for assessment and feedback so that her staff are always equipped with the knowledge and tools to carry out their jobs. Her willingness to assist her staff and others demonstrates her commitment to the overall success of the Graduate School. 


Shannon Harr - Dr. Harr has been a leader in the effort to improve assessment participation and practices across campus. While it takes everyone on campus working together to continuously improve programs and services, Dr. Harr’s positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to help others is appreciated and deserves recognition. MSU benefits from having dedicated staff like Dr. Harr.

Mona Cundiff - Mona is a strong, dedicated worker. Despite and in defiance of personal obstacles, she strives to do her best work and ensure quality service to the students.



Gabria Sexton - Gabria has such an in-depth knowledge of the workings of Academic Affairs--there is nothing that she does not know the answer to or where to find the answer. She is incredibly helpful and supportive. She is a joy to work with.


Lucy Williams - I would like to nominate Lucy Williams from Information Technology a Staff Salute. She has been employed at MSU for almost 29 years and is a hidden treasure. Without her knowledge staff, faculty and students would not be able to perform their job duties within Ellucian and other IT systems. Lucy deserves this award to show appreciation for her hard work and long hours she spends keeping everyone working smoothly.