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2020 Staff Salutes

February-Amanda Hogge February-Xavier Scott January-Financial Aid donates items to Homeless Shelter January-Financial Aid donates to Gateway Homeless Shelter January-Shana Savard-Hogge March-Greg Wilcox March-Hunter Chandler March-Tina Stevens


Shana Savard-Hogge

I would like to nominate Ms. Shana Savard-Hogge for a Staff Salute. I have worked with Shana in multi-facets: from the grant side, from the work on committees, to discussing my own staff concerns with her. She has always been super responsive, concerned, and determined to try to find a resolution. I feel that she is sincerely concerned about the quality of the environment of the university for ALL.

Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid spearheaded a donation drive for Gateway Homeless Shelter over the Christmas holiday. This is what true leadership and community awareness look like. They are to be commended.


Iroshan Navaratne
Iroshan Navaratne has gone above and beyond to research and resolve any issues communicated to him. His knowledge, professionalism, and approachability make him a valuable asset to MSU. Thank you so much for everything you do!

Xavier Scott
Xavier Scott is always super efficient and friendly. He always responds promptly to emails and always reads what is written. He is always positive in communications. He is one of always seems to go above and beyond.

Amanda Hogge
Amanda Hogge – For her years of dedicated services to the Enrollment Services Office. Amanda always greets you with a friendly smile. She is a great person to work with.


Stacy Scott
Stacy Scott is always quick and efficient in communication and always goes above and beyond to assist library patrons.

Hunter Chandler
Hunter Chandler has been making many amazing improvements in the tutoring and learning center that will help to improve the retention rates for all of campus. After stepping into a position that had been vacant for more than a year, he was able to pick it up and run with it.

Tina Stevens
Tina Stevens consistently goes above and beyond to help students, staff, and faculty with whom she interacts. She does so with friendly manner and positive demeanor.

Greg Wilcox
Greg Wilcox is always friendly and eager to help. He is a great asset to the university.


David Flora, Xavier Scott, and Jing Zhang
David Flora, Xavier Scott, and Jing Zhang - During this healthy at home period, the Instructional Design team has worked to mobilize all face to face course to online. They have also supported faculty and students who are attempting to transition to this format. They have worked continuously and have been a great resource during this time.

Omer Rhoton
Omer Rhoton is one of the most helpful staff members in IT! He has worked tirelessly with me to help me with technology issues in the transition to working from home. He's been patient, professional, and adept to working with various operating platforms and gone above and beyond to provide great customer service!

Shana Savard-Hogge
Shana Savard-Hogge has provided an outstanding ability to juggle not only her primary role as an employee, but as a listening ear and valuable resource in pointing employees in the right direction. The work she does behind the scenes is not unnoticed and she should be applauded for it.


Josh Frisby
 “I would like to nominate Josh Frisby for the staff salute. Josh does an amazing job behind the scenes in the office of Planning, Performance and Effectiveness. Since joining the IR staff, he has used his considerable skills and knowledge to move the institution forward in the creation of dashboards for use by institutional leaders. Josh is an MSU data star!!” –Submitted June 29, 2020
Andrea Stone
“Andrea Stone has been a fantastic representative on Staff Congress and should be recognized for her hard work and dedication as Secretary/Treasurer, while also working so hard in her role in Facilities and Procurement. Her ability to get it all done is inspiring! “– Submitted June25, 2020
Matt Blanton
Matt is an asset the Office of Information Technology doesn't quite realize the value of, he is prompt and always willing to help accomplish MSU's technological goals. Matt deserves recognition for his efforts that are often taken for granted.”– Submitted June 22, 2020


Russell Mast
‘Vice President Mast has successfully modeled how a student affairs unit should be run during a pandemic. He has also taken extra time to write letters to students, as many have to continue the recruitment process. Russell is a great example of the good work occurring at Morehead State University.” Submitted- July 2020.


Quentin Banks
“Although Quentin could have easily sent my concern along to someone else, or quit after an initial pass, he followed through until there was a workable solution for an end user. One person shouldn't have to go above and beyond to help with an issue that should be simple (shout out to Staff Congress' focus on process efficiencies). Quentin, though, did. And I want to thank him for that.” – Submitted on 8/8/2
Justin Slone
“He gives 110% and is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter what the project. It is obvious to me and to the rest of our colleagues that he has a natural talent for what he does. He is always upbeat and happy, which puts our whole department in a great mood every time we see him. He is always quick to help with whatever we need no matter what it is. He is very dependable, trustworthy, kind, and hardworking. He is a true Eagle.”- Submitted on 8/20/20
Scott McGlone
“Scott is an wonderful colleague and always someone who is working hard to make MSU better. He has a quiet understanding of what make MSU work and is always working hard at whatever he is doing. More people need to be like Scott.” -Submitted on 8/20/20
April Nutter and Rianna Robinson
“On behalf of the Office of Financial Aid, we would like to thank April Nutter and Rianna Robinson for all their help. Our office has been updating our web page to provide more information to students and families. Both of these ladies have impressed our office with their hard work. We appreciate them so much! They are one of the reasons working at MSU is so great!” -Submitted on 8/25/2020
Dr. Daniel J. Connell
“Dr. Connell has been highly motivational during this atrocious time. As a human being, he has truly inspired us to rise up and met the challenges of the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank You for your leadership and constant transparency.”- Submitted on 8/28/2020.


Opal Fannin
“Opal is always willing to help anyone who needs it and greets you with a smile. She continuously has an optimistic outlook especially during this trying time. Opal is a true asset to Morehead State University.” -Submitted on 9/15/2020
Karen Cornett
“Karen has always gone above and beyond to assist students, faculty, and staff across many roles at Morehead State”. Submitted September 30, 2020
Teresa Judd
“Teresa’s diligence, self-motivation and dedication has been a source of inspiration. Teresa is always willing to help wherever necessary to fill any role. She never hesitates to roll up her sleeves and work hard. She is fair, even handed, and considerate to her staff. She is a true leader and an excellent supervisor. “-Submitted September 30, 2020
Angela Kelsey
“Angela goes out of her way to help others within and outside of the department. She is always kind and courteous Angela is a great representative for the TRIO Program.” -Submitted September 30, 2020
Leta Ann Martin
“Leta is always willing to help anyone who needs it and greets you with a smile. She is a great asset to the MSU community. Leta thank you for your constant optimism. “-Submitted September 30, 2020
Angela Rowe
”Angela goes above & beyond both personally & professionally. She is a great colleague & team player. She participates in productive committees & professional learning communities (PLC's). She is always seeking valuable resources & sharing them with not only MSU personnel & individuals, but the community as a whole as well.”-Submitted on 10/2/2020


Samantha Bryant
“Samantha works long hours for her students to ensure they have the best possible experience. She goes the extra mile to take care of others and I felt that she deserve to have someone recognize her for the hard work she puts into giving our students their best chance. She is an asset to the TRIO community.”-Submitted on 10/5/20
Amanda E. Lewis
“Amanda always going above and beyond to ensure the safety of her students are her number one priority. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you succeed. She is a true asset for the TRIO community and a great leader.”-Submittedon-10/5/20
Tony Shaw
“Tony works so hard for this University. He is always out and about on campus and everyone knows him. He interacts with all the students and staff members on campus. He also always has a smile on his face and is very friendly. He is the only member of MSU PD that we see out on a regular basis.” -Submitted on 10/5/20 Rhonda Sloan “Rhonda is always so happy to help anyone needing assistance with filling out the FAFSA. She is willing to take walk-in appointments or to meet them in their local county. Rhonda is always friendly and goes the extra mile.”-Submitted on 10/5/20


Rebecca Holbrook
 “Rebecca is always ready at a moment’s notice to assist students, faculty and staff. “– Submitted on 11/11/20


No Staff Salutes for December