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Closing Day Information

Friday, July 30, 2021

  1. The Closing Ceremony will begin at 9:00 AM at the Academic-Athletic Center (AAC). Parking is available next to the center. Families should be seated before 9:00 AM.
  2. Scholars will arrive to the AAC with their Focus Area for the Closing Ceremony.
  3. After the ceremony (which ends at approximately 10:30 AM), scholars will meet their scholars at AAC before proceeding to the residence halls to move out. Scholars should have all of their materials packed before coming to the Closing Ceremony. This expedites the move-out process.
  4. Scholars and their families will have the option to request early move out times, during which the scholars’ family may gather their belongings from their residence hall rooms to facilitate quicker departure on Closing Day. Early move out time options include Thursday morning from 9:30 to 11:00 AM and Thursday night from 10:15 PM to 12:15 AM. In consultation with their scholars, families will be asked to reserve preferred time slots for move out. Please note that scholars will not be on the halls during these early move out times so it is important for families to communicate with scholars to ensure everything is packed and ready to be taken. Also note that these times include collection of scholar items only—scholars will not be allowed to leave campus until after the Closing Ceremony. To request an early move out slot, please complete the form at this link:
  5. For anyone moving out on Friday, luggage and personal belongings may not be picked up until after the Closing Ceremony concludes. Parents and families will first meet their scholars at AAC after the ceremony before proceeding to the residence halls.
  6. While GSP Mementos (pictures, shirts, etc.) will not available for purchase on site, items may be purchased online by visiting
  7. ALL scholars will turn in their room key and mail key to their RA prior to departure. Any unreturned keys will result in loss of security deposit.
  8. Once the scholar has returned keys and checked out with their RA, families are free to leave campus.
  9. We wish all families safe travels and all scholars the best in their senior year and beyond! We appreciate the opportunity to work with our talented scholars this summer!