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MSU is committed to student success and academic advising is a crucial part of helping students succeed. As a student, you are assigned an academic advisor to provide guidance in your major, as well as career planning and placement. MSU has professional advising staff in each college to help you navigate your degree plan, course scheduling and other questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Schedules can be changed but a student must contact an academic advisor first to discuss the necessary changes. All students will have a registration hold (block) on their account that prevents changes to the schedule unless approved by the academic advisor. Schedules have been built individually for each student based on a variety of criteria ranging from college course credits the student has completed, ACT/SAT/placement test scores, sequencing of courses based on the student’s intended major, and information we garnered from the student prior to SOAR, etc.
MSU strives to offer a variety of delivery formats for courses. However, not all courses may be available online. You should discuss your request with the academic advisor so that he/she can work with you to identify online options.
If you have successfully completed any college credit or are currently completing college credit, you will need to make sure that the official transcript is forwarded to MSU. If you are an Eagle Scholar (MSU dual-credit student) you do not need to worry about having the transcript submitted, we will already have that information on file. If you are taking college credit at another institution (not offered through MSU), you will contact the Registrar’s Office/Records Office/Bursar’s Office at the institution to find out how to have your transcript submitted to MSU. Many schools use the electronic clearinghouse for transcript submission.
Since schedules are built based on general education needs, program requirements, and availability of courses there may be some limitations to changing specific courses. Keep in mind, the advisor’s goal will be to provide you with an appropriate course schedule and will attempt to take in your preferences, when possible.
Advisors attempt to reach all students who are scheduled to attend prior to the SOAR session. They will send an email to the email addresses the student listed on the application to MSU and also try to reach the student by phone to schedule a brief meeting to introduce themselves and discuss the process of building a schedule for you. If you have not heard from an advisor, you can send an email to and we will ensure that you are connected to your advisor. You can also contact the Office of Retention and Academic Advising by phone at 606-783-2084.

Since student schedules are built using some of the criteria listed in the question above, availability and offerings for specific classes may be limited. However, advisors make every attempt to help students create a schedule that is tailored to their needs.  

Most students will have at least one (likely more) general education courses on their schedule for the spring semester.

Keep in mind that some programs require/recommend specific options. General education courses are designed to give students exposure to diversified content and disciplines. General education requirements compose 36 credit-hours of the standard 120 credit-hour degree program. 

Advisors attempt to reach out to students prior to SOAR to discuss preferences such as this. However, due to course availability, course sequencing, needed courses, etc. it may not always be possible to so students are encouraged to be flexible. Advisors are knowledgeable and skilled in the requirements of your degree program (intended major) so their goal will be to build a schedule that is tailored to your needs while balancing the program requirements. 
Yes, courses taken as Eagle Scholars will be listed on your MSU transcript automatically. For courses that are taken at other institutions as dual credit, the student will need to take steps to get the credit transferred to MSU. The academic advisors make every effort to reach out to students prior to their scheduled SOAR session to discuss dual credit, transfer work, AP (Advanced Placement) credit, as well as other factors that impact building a schedule for the fall.
Yes, students have the option of changing their major. Our advising staff offer guidance and resources are available to students who may be “exploring” other majors. Talk with your advisor about this and they will walk you through the process. If you want to pursue dual majors/double major, talk with your advisor about your intentions. Most generally, this can be done, and students will have assigned advisors for both majors to guide the student through completion of the degrees.