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Fees and Billing

Medical Clinic Fees and Billing

St. Claire HealthCare Medical Services is providing the primary care services at 112 Allie Young on the campus of Morehead State University. The clinic is operated as an outpatient medical site like all other clinics in the St. Claire family of offices. St. Claire is a nonprofit medical care organization that has a long history of providing outstanding medical care for the residents of the Rowan County community. Services will be billed to primary insurance or Medicaid. If you do not have insurance, you need to let us know when you schedule so we can provide you with information on fees. There is currently a limited amount of need-based funding you can apply for, however it is not guaranteed that you will receive the funding just by applying as all applications require administrative approval. Call the clinic at 606-783-2055 to schedule an appointment or if you have a question about our need-based funding. If you have questions regarding a bill, call the St. Claire Financial Services Department at 606-783-6554.

Counseling Center Fees and Billing

All counseling center visits are conducted at no charge to the student. We do not bill insurance nor do we collect any form of payment for counseling. 

Disclaimer: If you are a counseling patient and are referred to the medical clinic for physical health follow-ups or mental health medication management, you will be responsible for the separate medical clinic payment. You will not be charged for the counseling visit but will receive a charge for all medical clinic services.