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Tips for Protecting Yourself from the Coronavirus

We can all do our part to protect others and ourselves during this difficult time. Please remember that prevention is the key to protection.  Preventing exposure to coronavirus helps to decrease the spread, decrease the strain on our medical community, and protects vulnerable populations with whom we interact.

Two of the best ways to protect yourself and others during this time is to make sure you are washing your hands to prevent spread by physical contact and to socially distance yourself.

The steps to social distancing are:
  • Remaining 6 feet apart when around others
  • Staying home except for errands for essential needs
  • Limiting in-person interactions and switching to other forms of communication, such as social media
  • Monitoring your own health by watching for symptoms. The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to those experienced when you have the flu or other virus so as soon as you have symptoms cease in person contact with others, call a medical provider to discuss your symptoms and remain calm.

Keep in mind that 80% of patients who have tested positive for coronavirus have minor symptoms and do not require any medical treatment.  If you are concerned about your health, call your medical provider or the MSU clinic at 606-783-2055.