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Solicitation and Campus Activities Not Sponsored by MSU

Noncommercial solicitation and unsanctioned activities

The right to use particular locations on MSU’s campus is largely a function of the character and/or location of the property. The free expressions of ideas are permitted in most outdoor areas of the campus. However, MSU must be able to safeguard the university community, prevent unlawful conduct, preserve campus property, and limit significant disruption to the mission of the University. Therefore, reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on the use of these area may be necessary (see Free Speech policy). We recommend that any person or organization desiring to coordinate or engage in activities such as meetings, rallies, parades, conferences, speeches, distribution of written materials, and information booths submit their request to use space through the Student Center and Event Services at least seven business days in advance. Person or organizations failing to make such a request risk significantly interfering with and/or disrupting university business. Such disruption is not permissible or protected and may require the person or organization to cease their activity. In most circumstances, sound amplification/PA systems are not permitted and non-university sponsored/sanctioned activities are limited to daylight hours.  Morehead State University affiliated persons and organizations have reservation priority over those who are not university affiliated.

Students and student organization wishing to solicit, post or distribute literature in residence halls ​must follow the protocols specified in the Resident Handbook

Commercial solicitation

Commercial activities are not permitted unless the vendor has obtained a University Sales and Solicitation Permit.  Commercial solicitation is not permitted in the residence halls. Students may not operate a business or commercial enterprise of any sort from a residence hall room or common area.  Vendors approved to sell or solicit on the campus must abide by MSU's Policy for External Vendors Conducting Sales on Campus (UAR 322.02). Coordination for, and rental of, space/facilities on campus is coordinated through the Student Center and Event Services.

Student organizations and other University groups are permitted to conduct fundraisers and other philanthropic activities.