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Fall Closing Information

All halls except for break-designated halls (Alumni Tower, Eagle Lake Apartments, Mays Hall Apartments, Normal Hall Apartments) will close for the winter break on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020. Residential students in halls except for those break-designated halls are expected to depart 24 hours after their last final exam or 7 p.m. on Nov. 24 whichever is sooner.
Before you leave for break:
  • Remove any trash from the room.
  • Unplug all electronics and personal appliances.
  • Set room thermostat on 65 degrees or heating unit on “low.”
  • Ensure area in front of heating unit/utility closet is clear and accessible for Facilities Management staff.
  • Windows should be closed and locked. If on ground level, window blinds should be lowered/closed. All other levels blinds should be raised/open and clear of visible obstructions.
  • Ensure your room door is closed and locked.
Please note that during the break, MSU Housing and Facilities staff may enter residence hall rooms in order to complete routine inspections, conduct scheduled maintenance, or repair identified/reported maintenance concerns or requests. Should you be aware of any issues that need attention, please contact your Hall Director before your departure.

COVID-19 Considerations

We are still observing the same COVID protocols for move out that we have enforced for the fall semester. Though move out processes do not need to be scheduled for individual students, students are required to wear facial coverings at all times both inside and outside the halls, maintain social distance in lobbies and common areas, and be mindful of posted capacities on elevators, stairwells, hallways, etc. Visitation and entrance to the halls is still restricted and individuals who do not live on campus are not allowed in any of our residence halls.

Have a vacant bed in your room?

New students may be assigned to a room for the Spring semester that has an available space. If you have an available bed in your room, make sure any available furniture (bed, desk, closet/wardrobe, etc) and surrounding areas are clean and ready for use. Any vacant beds should be un-bunked and assembled on the floor level. Failure to do so may result in private room charges being charged to your room for preventing move in of new students.

Returning to your room in the Spring 2021 semester?

Students returning to their same room for the Spring 2021 semester can leave items in their room and do not need to return keys or alert staff of their departure. Remember to take everything you may need for the winter break, as once halls close you will not have access to get anything you may have forgotten. Items to remember include:
  • Clothing
  • Medication
  • Electronics
  • Textbooks
  • Holiday gifts
  • Room key & EagleCard
  • Jewelry
  • MSU gear to show your Eagle spirit at home

Changing rooms for the Spring 2021 semester?

Most students changing rooms for the Spring 2021 semester will be asked to completely check out of their fall assignment and take all their items home. Once your room reassignment request has been processed and approved, instructions about how to complete it and move out instructions will be sent to your MSU email.

Not coming back to the halls for the Spring 2021 semester?

If you are NOT returning to On-Campus Housing for the Spring 2021 semester, you will need to complete an Intent to Cancel form and possibly a Contract Buy Out Request, depending on your specific circumstances. Details and instructions about how to complete these forms and which apply to you have been sent to your MSU email. Also remember to return your keys. To do so:
  1. Visit your hall Front Desk
  2. Fill out an Express Check Out Envelope
  3. Place your keys in the envelope and seal it
  4. Deposit the envelope in the white drop box at your hall’s front desk 
If you have questions or need assistance with the closing process, please reach out to your hall staff or to the main Office of Student Housing via email ( or telephone (606-783-2060). Best wishes for a safe and healthy break. Watch your MSU email for additional details and information for Spring 2021 move in.