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Area Coordinator Search

The Office of Student Housing at Morehead State University is excited to open for submission the position of Area Coordinator, previously titled as Hall Director. There is no better time to be an Eagle and no better time to be a housing professional at MSU! This critical position is a wonderful opportunity to start your professional housing career with a caring and competent peer group while educating and connecting with an engaged and committed student body. Our Area Coordinators are student-centered dynamic professionals, and we welcome you to be a part of our team!

Being an Area Coordinator at Morehead State

When you become an Area Coordinator at Morehead State, you are given the chance to make a meaningful difference in our students' lives. As with any live-in professional position, your opportunities for significant engagement and genuine connection with our residents are high. The successful Area Coordinator understands the unique challenges and life-changing opportunities inherent in a position such as this. Our Area Coordinators are first and foremost student-centered, competent, ethical professional educators. They understand the various constituent groups we serve and how to treat each with a genuine ethic of care. They also are team players who value camaraderie and collegiality on the professional level. Successful professionals will take the time to learn the unique opportunities and challenges that our campus provides while looking for opportunities to improve our services and the delivery of them. They should also value the fun that comes with working professionally in housing and residence life.

Our Department

The Office of Student Housing at Morehead State University is vibrant and thriving, staffed by a committed student-centered group of professionals that place student success as their top priority. The office seeks competent, skilled servant-leaders who are capable of working in a robust university setting. Working in housing at MSU provides an opportunity to make a significant difference in students' lives as we provide exemplary service to all of our various stakeholders. It is an exciting time to be a part of Morehead State University’s Office of Student Housing team. We are charting the future path for our students with new learning and development models, expanding student-leadership opportunities, and improving overall organizational development. There is no better time or place to be a housing professional than MSU, and we welcome you to join us on this journey.

Your Colleagues

Your colleagues in the Office of Student Housing are dynamic team players that join you in the mission of providing exemplary service to our residents and constituent groups. From our talented administrative staff to our Director, MSU Student Housing staff values the team approach and understands the benefit of working for a common goal and purpose. Your Area Coordinator colleagues are a diverse group of professionals who each bring critical skills to the workplace to better the team as a whole. What your peers have said about the professional staff experience at MSU...

“Working as a Hall Director at Morehead State allows you the opportunity to work with great RAs! The students here are very bright and want to help the Hall Directors make MSU a great place to live and learn. The central office staff pushes the department to being the most progressive department on campus. Since starting here, I have had some of the most unique opportunities to build my professional skills that would have been hard to obtain in prior positions. If you want to be part of building a department on the move, Morehead State is the place for you.” - Jimmie Martin

"Working for MSU Housing has been a very rewarding experience. My colleagues are fun and motivated, the residents are fantastic, and the campus is gorgeous! Pursuing my career in MSU's tight-knit community has led to the foundation of many extraordinary relationships that I know will last a lifetime. I am proud to be an Eagle, and feel very honored and privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to the amazing environments within the residence halls!" - Carly Saunders

"Working at Morehead State University, I have had the opportunity to work with a wonderfully diverse population of students. Because of this, I have had the chance to learn more about their cultures while improving my overall communication skills." - Luis Pelegrin

"My experience as a Hall Director at MSU has been impactful and rewarding. Working alongside dedicated and talented professionals helped me to learn and grow as a new professional. The students’ determination, intelligence, and resilience inspired me to provide the best residential experience possible. The improvement and development in the Housing Office in just my 9 months is awe-inspiring and I can only imagine how amazing the department will become in the very near future. Our motto this year, ‘Forward Always’, drives everything we do from staff training to crisis response to individual student interactions. I have no doubt in my mind that my experience as a Hall Director at MSU has shaped me into the competent, confident, and successful professional that I am today.” - Erin Edwards

Professional Development

There are numerous opportunities to expand your professional skill set or expand your professional network while on staff at Morehead State, and you are encouraged to take full advantage of those opportunities. From state to national conferences, Student Housing team members sharpening their tools and finding new and creative ways to advance the department’s mission is valued and expected. The Office of Student Housing at Morehead State is also an active member in state (Kentucky Association of Housing Officers) and regional (Southeastern Association of Housing Officers) governing bodies and quickly establishing MSU as a leader in housing initiatives and excellence in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There are also further opportunities on campus to experience another office's functions through cross-functional assignments or externships. Your experience and time at MSU is what you make of it, and the professional leadership will do all they can to make sure you make it as excellent as possible.


Professional staff at Morehead State enjoy a wide range of benefits. To read about employee benefits from the employee discount program to a competitive health and retirement package, please visit Morehead State Human Resources here. Live-in professionals also enjoy the unique benefit of most living expenses provided as part of their on-campus residency. In addition to their competitive annual salary, each Area Coordinator is provided a two-bedroom partially furnished staff apartment with high-speed wireless internet access and the campus' digital cable network. The market value of the things included in the position (rent, utilities, cable, internet) has been given a market value of approximately $14,000. Professional staff at Morehead State are also able to enjoy tuition remission at MSU. Our Live On Policy also allows for a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent residency, and we are a pet-friendly department for our staff in residence!

Major Initiatives

Morehead State's Office of Student Housing is always looking for ways to improve the lives of the students we have the privilege to serve. Some of the major items current Area Coordinator staff will have a hand in formulating:

Residential Curriculum: As Morehead State develops its housing priorities and goals for the near future, careful planning and implementation of a meaningful and substantive residential curriculum with specific and intentional developmental components will take energy, efforts, and creativity.

Student-Leadership Development: In recent years, our Residence Halls Association has been active on the campus, state, and regional levels. We also recently chartered MSU’s first chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, and are excited for the opportunities that the organization will bring to our campus.

Enhancing Campus Inclusion Initiatives: By the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, all our staff (student and professional) will have completed the National Coalition Building Institute’s Welcoming, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshop, and students in the residence halls will be provided with the opportunity to complete that workshop, too. In addition, the Office of Student Housing has created a senior student-leadership position dedicated to engaging students in high-level events and conversations around diversity, inclusion, social justice, and social awareness. That newly created position will also serve as the chair for a newly formed student organization that will share that position’s goals of fostering a greater awareness and sense of inclusion in the residence halls, and by extension, on campus. A professional staff member will also serve as the Advisor for that organization.

On Campus at Morehead State

Founded in 1887, Morehead State University is proving on a daily basis that we are committed to student success. Morehead State has been recognized for 12 consecutive years by US News and World Report as one of the top public universities in the south and is consistently ranked in the Top 20 percent of veteran-friendly universities. Our beautiful 700-acre main campus sits in foothills of the Daniel Boone National Forest in Rowan County, Kentucky. MSU’s unique location puts a plethora of opportunities just a short drive away in major metropolitan areas like Cincinnati, Oh., Lexington, Ky., and Huntington, Wv. From natural wonders like the Red River Gorge to hiking trails of the Sheltowee Trace, opportunities abound to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding Morehead community. Just off campus are MSU properties like our Eagle Trace championship 18-hole golf course and the Derrickson Agricultural Complex. On-campus attractions include our state of the art Recreation and Wellness Center and 30-acre Eagle Lake, perfect for fishing, canoeing, short hikes, and enjoying great scenery. Morehead State is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse pool of talent to ensure we are providing outstanding opportunities for students to engage in their community, our region, and the world.

The Area Coordinator Search Process

If you think you have what it takes to make a difference at MSU as a member of our housing team, you are encouraged to apply for this excellent opportunity. Applications should be submitted online via the MSU Jobs website.  Once our priority deadline has passed, our search team will reach out to candidates who have been selected for an introductory interview via the telephone. After the first round of interviews is completed, selected candidates will be invited to our beautiful campus to experience our staff and our institution in person.

We are anticipating interviewing candidates at the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers (SEAHO) Placement conference and The Placement Exchange student affairs placement conference. We encourage any interested candidates to visit our listings through those services.

Thanks for your interest in this exciting position and go Eagles!