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Housing FAQ

There is no application deadline, but residents are encouraged to apply for housing and sign their Housing Agreement (contract) as soon as they are able to. Commitment times to login and select your space are awarded in the order that those documents are completed. For your best chance to select the room you want, apply and complete your contract early.
All full-time students under the age of 21,who have not completed four semesters of residence, are required to reside on campus. If your parent/guardian lives within 50 miles of campus, you're married, or you're a single parent you may commute, however you must have an Exemption Request Form (waiver request) on file with Student Housing.
There are a limited number of single occupancy rooms for first-year students in Cartmell Hall. Returning students may have the option of single rooms pending availability at an increased room rate. Additional opportunities for reduced occupancy rooms or private rooms will be communicated by the Office of Student Housing after each semester begins.

We do not have space to accommodate our married students or students with families on campus. We recommend that you look in the Morehead community for additional options.
There is no curfew for on-campus residents, however there are visitation hours for opposite sex guests. Exterior building doors are locked 24-hours a day and it is required that students use their EagleCard to enter their designated building.
Although custodial staff are employed in all Residence Halls/Apartments to keep public areas and public/community bathrooms clean, you are expected to clean your own room and private bathrooms (apartments and suites have bathrooms in the living unit which students are responsible for cleaning).
Yes, but only if they do not create a disturbance to your roommate or other residents. Guests of residents are not permitted to stay for longer than 3 nights per week. Students residing in University Housing are responsible for assuring that their guests are aware of and comply with all policies and procedures of Morehead State University.
Your mailing address is Your Name, Your Room Number - Your Residence Hall, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY 40351. For example:
Beaker Eagle
101 Alumni Tower
Morehead State University
Morehead, KY 40351
No. The University does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students and is not liable for the loss or damage of any article of personal property anywhere on the premises. You or your parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover your personal property.
Students are required to fill out a roommate agreement during the first week of school. This typically helps to resolve issues prior to them arising. If you find that things are not working out we encourage our students to talk to one another. If at this point it seems that things are not getting better, students should contact their Resident Advisor (RA) to set up roommate mediation. If after this process is complete you still feel it would be better to remove yourself from your living situation we will help you identify other spaces on campus.
Yes, however we ask that when decorating you use materials that will not damage the room. We recommend 3M adhesive hooks and painters' tape.
All first-year students are expected to live in a First Year Experience building. Those buildings are staffed and programmed specifically for first year students and their specific needs adjusting and connecting to campus. Students that have special circumstances that would necessitate living with an upperclass student should contact the Office of Student Housing.