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Summer 2021 Housing Information

Morehead State is pleased to be able to offer summer housing opportunities for Summer 2021. Residing on campus for the summer months is a cost-effective way to enjoy campus amenities and support while working, taking summer classes, or just enjoying all Morehead has to offer.

Summer Housing Eligibility

Summer housing is available to any Morehead State student that is enrolled in courses for the Summer 2021 semester. If a student is not enrolled in Summer 2021 coursework, they remain eligible for summer housing if they are registered for Fall 2021 coursework (at least 9 hours). Unfortunately, students that graduate at the conclusion of Spring 2021 (and are not enrolling in additional coursework for Fall 2021) are no longer eligible for summer housing.

Summer 2021 Housing Terms

Residence halls and apartments close for the Spring 2021 semester on May 7, with an extended stay option (for a fee) until Saturday May 8.
  • May 9 – June 4: Maymester Housing
  • June 6 – July 30: Full Summer Housing
  • June 6 – July 2: Summer 1 Only Housing
  • July 5 – July 30: Summer 2 Only Housing
  • Aug. 1 – Aug. 7: Intersession Housing

Notes on summer housing terms:

  • Maymester housing is only available for students that:
    • Lived on campus for Spring 2021, and
    • Signed up for an extended stay for Spring 2021, and
    • Have applied to live on campus for either Full Summer or Summer 1 Only
  • Intersession housing is only available for students that:
    • Reside on campus for Full Summer or Summer 2 Only housing, and
    • Have applied to live on campus for Fall 2021, and
    • Have applied for early arrival for Fall 2021 ($125)

Summer 2021 Housing Rates

The following summer housing rates are in effect for Summer 2021 and will be billed directly to a student’s MSU student account in advance of occupancy:
  • Maymester housing: $300
  • Full Summer: $750
  • Summer 1 Only: $400
  • Summer 2 Only: $400
  • Intersession: $100

Summer Housing Sign Up Process

Summer housing applications will open on Thursday, April 15, at 12 p.m. At that time, students can login to their Housing Self Service Portal through MyMorehead State. They will then select Applications and select Summer 2021 Housing Application. Students will then complete the housing application where they will select their needed housing terms, roommate requests (if known), and any other special circumstances or pertinent information that will help us in the assignment process.

Though there is no official application deadline for summer housing, students must complete a summer housing application at least three business days prior to beginning of the term they are seeking accommodation in to guarantee a housing assignment. Applications not completed by this time may not be able to be placed by the time courses begin.

On April 23, initial housing information including assignments, check in dates, etc. will be emailed to students that have applied for summer housing. Assignment information and pertinent information will be mailed out to later applicants on a weekly basis.

Transitioning to Summer Housing

Students that sign up for Maymester housing will have access to their summer housing assignment as soon as the room is available. It is the hope of the Office of Student Housing that such a move will be able to be completed before the conclusion of the Spring 2021 semester during finals week, likely on or around Wednesday, May 5. If that is unable to happen, either because of room availability or a student’s finals schedule, moves will be occurring Saturday, May 8, with the expectation that that move is completed by 5 p.m. Students that are not assigned for Maymester will be required to move out of their Spring 2021 assignment if they live on campus and return for their move in date for their specific term.

Summer Housing Location

All summer housing for Summer 2021 will be located in Alumni Tower. These are double rooms and students will be assigned a roommate. Students that are interested in single room accommodation should email after signing up for summer housing to inquire about rates and availability. Residents that are assigned to Alumni Tower for Spring 2021 will likely be relocated to another room to allow for their spring assignment to undergo summer cleaning.