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Wi-Fi Info

Morehead State University ResNet (Residential Hall Network) is a technology service provided to students and guests at all on campus residential housing. ResNet offers comprehensive high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for devices, including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming systems. ResNet provides Wi-Fi network connectivity to both campus technology resources and direct Internet access. Our goal is provide all residence halls with top of the line connectivity to enhance your educational experience. 

Wireless Network Information

MSU now broadcasts wireless internet across three distinct networks: MSU_PUBLIC, MSU_SECURE and MSU_GAME.

This network provides a safe, secure connection to the internet and to MSU resources. This is the preferred on-campus, secure wireless network available to users with a current MSU account.  MSU_SECURE requires an Eagle ID and password to connect, and should be utilized with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. 

This is the preferred network to securely connect game consoles, e-readers, streaming devices and smart TVs.  Users will be required to complete a one-time setup, enabling their device to access MSU’s ResNet.  Users will need to know the MAC Address of the device they want to connect.​

This network provides limited internet access to MSU guests. Unless you have an Eagle ID and password, you will access the internet on campus through MSU_PUBLIC.