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Letter from the President

Hey Eagles,
My name is Colby Birkes and I am overjoyed to be your 2019-20 Student Government President and Student Regent. These two positions grant me an unique opportunity to not only represent the Student Body on our highest governing Body (the Board of Regents), but to also work hands on every day to protect the rights of our fellow students and to make the college experience better for all through my work with the Student Government Association.
I plan to enter my Senior Year, and these two positions, in the same way I entered my Freshman year at this institution, with excitement and hope. However, over the years, I was able to mature and gain the knowledge and information necessary for my future successes, which I will also bring with me. Morehead State University grants people with special experiences and hands on instruction through small class sizes and faculty and staff who care. Ask less of what Morehead can do for you, and rather on what you will allow Morehead to do for you.
In one of my first meetings with President Morgan, he said that this institution is here for the students, and will continue to be here for decades because of our students. This statement resonated with me, for everything this institution does is in the pursuit of building a place conducive to success for all those whom attend it. Therefore, the voices of the students is of paramount importance. It is irrelevant your year, major, background, or income; you matter and your opinions matter. So please, tell us what it is you want, what it is you need, and what it is that can make Morehead feel like home.
Throughout this upcoming year, I plan to increase the transparency of the SGA, create traditions and promote student involvement, pursue philanthropic causes through events such as a Morehead State Dance Marathon, create a close working relationship with the Morehead community to create more opportunities for the betterment of our students, promote student inclusivity, and to increase student advocacy on a state-wide basis. However, it is
The Student Government Association Senate, Executive Board, and myself are grateful for the opportunity to serve, and thank you for trusting us with this great responsibility. For those of you who are just beginning, good luck and remember to enter this new journey with bravery and an open mind. For those of you returning, keep up the good work, and continue to believe in yourself and realize what you are capable of.