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2019-20 Strategic Plan

Morehead State Student Government Association
2019-20 Strategic Plan

Morehead State Student Body,
In an organized and concerted effort to better represent the student body as a whole and to improve the college experience of all individuals, the Student Government Association Executive Board has, once again, taken the initiative and created a strategic plan to guide us in our pursuit of campus and community wide improvement. The SGA Executive Board recognizes that our previous year has been one of the most successful and prosperous in our history, creating various partnerships and garnering the most participation in school history, with nearly 2,000 participants in our previous election. However, the work is never done, and through countless conversations, we have recognized a series of issues in which we chose to direct our attention. This includes, but is not limited to, increasing transparency and accountability, working with our Campus Activities Board to create more events on campus, increase student involvement in athletics and create student traditions, and more. It is our hope that this document can assist us in achieving these efforts, and we ask you, the student body, to participate along the way and make your voices heard.
            SGA Executive Board
President: Colby Birkes 
Vice President: Waco Bays 
VP for Administration: Emily Wiley 
VP for Finance: Santana Spradlin 
VP for Public Relations: Emma Li Matthews 
VP for Campus Involvement: Connor Tilford

Mission Statement

The Morehead State University Student Government Association strives to make the college experience one of meaning and purpose.   It is the goal of this association to represent each and every MSU student to the end that each student graduates with the knowledge and assurance that SGA has made a positive impact on their college experience.

2019-20 Strategic Initiatives

I.Increase Transparency

1. All Executive Board meetings will be posted to the website and be a part of public record. All Senate meetings will be live-streamed, recorded, and archived for public use.
2. There will be regular opportunities for student concerns to be heard and addressed. An open forum will be held at least ounce per semester with Morehead State administration, and the SGA. Student Concerns will be collected via tabling by the SGA at least twice per semester.
3. Members of the Student Government Association will attend other student organization meetings in order to collect student input and concern/grievances.
4. In years past, the SGA Senate has followed the leadership of the Executive Board. However, the Senate is the first line of defense and advocacy for the student body, so their participation in Senate meetings will be overhauled; members will assist in running meetings and bring forward legislation. We encourage students to reach out to the Senators whom represent them.

II. Create Traditions and Promote Student Involvement

1. The SGA Executive Board has recognized a lack of traditions pursuant to school pride within our student body that we would like to address and improve. We will target key events on our campus, and implement policies to increase participation.
2. We will start a button campaign in which students will be able to come to campus events and receive a customized button. If a member of the SGA, athletics, or the Campus Activities Board sees these buttons being worn, they will receive a raffle to be put into a drawing at the end of the semester.
3. We will develop a close working relationship with the Campus Activities Board to create events to enhance the student experience.
4. The SGA will frequently partner with the Athletics Department to increase student participation and pride at sporting events.

III. Philanthropy

1. We have historically been involved in philanthropic activities: donations to the local Shriner’s hospital and Tri-County Animal Shelter, sponsored the Morehead veterans’ day ceremony, etc.
2. The SGA intends to continue their current philanthropic actions, while improving and changing our efforts to assist the most people. A budget of $2,000 will be set at the beginning of the year to be dedicated to whatever philanthropy activities is decided.
3. This SGA will be bringing a Dance Marathon to campus in the spring semester, with all proceeds going to a variety of charities. It will be open and encouraged for all students, employees, and community members to participate.
IV. Close the Gap Between Campus and Community
1. Many of the members of this administration campaigned on the promise to unify the Morehead State campus and Morehead community.
2. The SGA will utilize their standing with the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce, participating actively with their events; Arts and Eats, Rowan County Christmas, and more.
3. Businesses will be approached in regards to student discounts; those that currently offer discounts will be incentivized to increase their student discounts, and those that do not offer any will be asked to do such.
4. Policies will be enacted to better partner students with potential employers and internship opportunities.

V. Partnerships

1. The SGA erected the idea of partnerships this previous year, putting money towards joint initiatives with university departments (ex. Counseling and Health Services co-pay fund). These actions shall be continued, wishing to no longer be solely a source of funding for student organizations.
2. The health services partnership helped dozens of underprivileged students, so money will be taken and put towards it once again, with the permission of the Senate. It will be proposed by this Executive Board that the amount of the partnership be increased as well.
3. New partnerships shall be explored with other entities, such as the Recreation and Wellness Center, Alumni Association, and more.

VI. Student Inclusivity

1. It is the goal of this SGA to represent all types of students and create an environment conducive to success.
2. A Unity Week will be held in the spring semester to champion student diversity
3. We will create Senate seats which will be appointed by the SGA President, with the purpose of reaching underrepresented individuals.

VII. Advocacy

1. Our SGA President, Colby Birkes, is the current Chair of the Board of Student Body Presidents, an external entity made up of every public university student body President. This body will work with each university to hear grievances and share/implement change within the Council on Post-Secondary Education (CPE). This gives students a greater avenue for change.
2. The Student Representative on the CPE will be more accessible to traditional students on each campus.
3. This SGA is pivotal in the future creation of an advisory council that will work under the Board of Student Body Presidents, whom will be in contact at a minimum of once a month with the CPE and their President Dr. Thompson.
4. The Rally for Higher Education will be an opportunity for all students to advocate in Frankfort. However, this will not be the sole time that students are encouraged to go to Frankfort, or participate in other types of advocacy. This will occur at a minimum of once per semester.

As elected members of the Student Government Association, we owe a duty to the Student Body to represent their voices and embody their interests. Likewise, the Morehead State Student Body holds a duty to SGA, to voice those concerns and hold those whom you elected accountable for their actions and representation of your interests. The Student Government Association’s 2019-20 Strategic Plan outlines the goals and initiatives that are at the forefront of this administration’s agenda and will represent the core missions of this association. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to SGA President Colby Birkes at The Student Government Association thanks you for your time and consideration and we greatly look forward to a successful 2018-19 academic term. Go Eagles!