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The DREAMS (Dedicated to Retention, Education, and Academic Success at Morehead State) program is a comprehensive academic support and retention program targeting African American, Latino and Hispanic students, but is open to first generation students, students that identify as coming from low income families or any student committed to enriching their experience at Morehead State University. This comprehensive retention program is centered on first year transition, mentoring and leadership.    

DREAMS is structured to support participants academically, socially and culturally with specific requirements, workshops and objectives tailored specifically towards each tier of the program. Participants are placed in one of three tiers based on their classification and/or semesters completed at the institution. (See below)

*Freshman Year/ (mentee) - Ensuring first-year DREAMS students have the essential tools and knowledge in order to make a successful transition from high school to Morehead State University by participating in the Freshman Mentoring program.

*Sophomore year/ (LEAD Academy) - supporting DREAMS students in eluding the “sophomore slump” with an emphasis on leadership development.

Junior/Senior Programs (peer mentors) -Themed around career preparation and graduate/professional school. Students whom have reached their junior year/third year can apply to be a peer mentor.

* denotes mandatory participation 

This program empowers students to persist towards their dream by providing the resources, knowledge, skills and a network of support among students, faculty, staff and alumni. This retention program forms a close environment between faculty, staff and fellow students that helps to strengthen the communities in which the students participate.