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Diversity, Culture & Inclusion

Inclusion focuses on issues of diversity, culture and inclusion to provide Morehead State University faculty, staff and students with an inclusive learning environment through professional advice, efficient services, effective communication and advocacy. We coordinate activities that promote educational, vocational, cultural and social growth for minority and international student development and assist with the retention efforts of these student populations. Our programs, workshops, advising and support services create a safe environment for students to explore issues of identity and social development. This benefits both the individual and overall campus community in fostering an atmosphere that embraces diversity and works towards ending intolerance through the development of understanding and an inclusive campus climate.


  • A friendly staff that is available to answer campus-related questions and disperse information.
  • Inclusion awareness programming.
  • Inclusion awareness training/workshops.
  • Advising.


The following is a list of some (but not all) of the programs and initiatives sponsored by Inclusion as part of our effort to fulfill our mission. They have been developed within areas that support our campus climate needs and multicultural student communities in a holistic and inclusive framework. These programs are being sponsored as part of our mission to foster diversity within our communities, promote mature intercultural interaction and educate our campus on issues of diversity, intellectual growth, leadership and social justice.


MSU offers a range of programs, performances, lectures and other events in celebration of the rich heritage of communities of color that are reflected at the University. Inclusion is committed to partnering with student organizations, departments and community partners to reflect the wealth of diversity present at MSU during these recognized months and throughout the academic year. We initiate and support the creation and distribution of event calendars and listserv announcements, develop signature events for heritage months and participate in committee partnerships with other University entities.


A ceremony that recognizes the great accomplishment of acquiring a college degree, students of all diverse backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this celebration each semester. In addition to faculty and staff joining in on the celebration, students are encouraged to invite their family and friends as they prepare for commencement.

1st and 2nd Year Programs for Diversity & Inclusion

Miyah Clemons

ADUC 207