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Academic Recovery Program Guidelines

The Online Academic Recovery Program Orientation Workshop will be accessible via Blackboard Aug. 19-30, 2019. The workshop must be view and quiz completed by no later than midnight on Aug. 30, 2019.

If this is your first semester on probation, you must be enrolled in MSU 099 - Learning for Success. If you are continuing probation or have previously completed MSU 099, you should not enroll in the course again, but must participate in the Academic Recovery Program as required by the probation guidelines for scholastic standing. You will only receive credit for this course once during participation in the Academic Recovery Program.

The following requirements are the components of the MSU 099 course and/or the Academic Recovery Program:
  1. Enroll in MSU 099 - Learning for Success (a one credit hour success course). This course should be completed only once while participating in the Academic Recovery Program.
  2. Complete the Academic Recovery Workshop online between Aug. 19 and Aug. 30, 2019. The orientation workshop will be accessible on Blackboard by Aug. 19, 2019.
  3. Meet at least THREE times per semester with your assigned Peer Coach. Your first meeting with a Peer Coach will be scheduled during the Academic Recovery Workshop. Online/Regional Campus Learners should follow the steps outlined in Blackboard after completing the Workshop and quiz to schedule the first peer coaching appointment. Peer coaching appointments can be completed face to face or via telephone/Skype for online/regional campus learners. See "Peer Coach Appointment Schedule" for available dates.
  4. Complete and sign your Action Plan and have it signed by your academic advisor and peer coach (this will be completed during your first peer coaching appointment). Online/Regional Campus Learners must have the Action Plan completed and submitted by no later than Sept. 30, 2019.
  5. Complete the Midterm Success Workshop (Blackboard Module), available Oct.7-25, 2019.
  6. Weekly documented study hours and/or tutoring sessions are strongly encouraged. 10 EXTRA CREDIT points will be awarded for each tutoring appointment completed up to a maximum of 50 points per semester.
  7. Progress reports may be required depending upon ARP staff/advisor/faculty recommendations.
Peer Coach Appointment Schedule
  • First Peer Coach Appointment - Sept. 2-13, 2019
  • Second Peer Coach Appointment - Sept. 30-Oct. 11, 2019
  • Third Peer Coach Appointment - Oct. 28-Nov. 15, 2019

Students are strongly encouraged to develop a structured study schedule. Below are the hours of operation for the various study/tutoring locations across campus.
ONLINE/REGIONAL CAMPUS STUDENTS – contact the Office of Academic Advising and Retention for additional information regarding tutoring options as Blackboard forums are available.

For more information contact the Office of Academic Advising and Retention (321 Allie Young Hall) at 606-783-2084.
  • Morehead (Residential Campus)
    150 University Blvd., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Admissions
    121 E. Second St., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Financial Aid
    121 E. Second St., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Accounting & Financial Services (Student Billing)
    207 Howell-McDowell, Morehead, KY 40351
  • Registrar
    201 Ginger Hall, Morehead, KY 40351
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