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The Eagle Diversity and Inclusion Team (EDIT) is soliciting proposals from the campus community for grant funding to support our goal of infusing diversity, equity and inclusion into every aspect of campus life. To advance this goal, we encourage collaborative efforts between colleges, units and student organizations that align with the University’s strategic plan and the diversity plan strategies. These proposals must target faculty, staff and students on the MSU main or extended campuses. These grants are designed to support new and innovative projects and activities, not to support ongoing and existing events, and current initiatives, or to cover budgetary reductions.


Student organizations, faculty, and staff in all colleges and units within the University are eligible to apply for funding. Proposals must be collaborative in nature, involving a minimum of one additional unit, college or student organization. Consideration may be given to collaborating with a community-based organization, but the target audience must be faculty, staff and/or students on the MSU main or extended campuses. Proposals involving multiple partners must identify a lead and must have approval from the leadership of all partners (indicated by letters of support). Applicants are not eligible to receive funding if funding was previously received in the current or most recent academic year. Proposals for the first round of funds should be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on April 1, and notice of approved funding will be made on July 1.


For consideration, the proposal should include a title and detailed description that addresses the following:

  • Proposed project or activity—what is the activity that you are proposing?

  • Purpose of the project or activity—describe how the project will enhance or support diversity, equity and inclusion on MSU’s campus. Include detail on the relevance of the project to the University’s strategic plan and diversity plan strategies.

  • Desired outcomes—what is your anticipated outcome(s) and how will you measure success?

  • Intended audience—detail the target audience and how they will benefit from this project.

  • Date of event or anticipated timeline—what is the timeline for planning the event along with the intended implementation date?

  • Public awareness/recruitment—how will you make the MSU and Rowan County community aware of this event, in addition to posting printed flyers?

  • Sustainability—how will you continue the work of this project after the end of the funding?

  • Proposed budget—funding requests may not exceed $750 and must include a description of each line item, total funds requested and evidence of a minimum of 10% cost sharing. Other grant funding sources must also be included in the budget (for example, Hinkle funding). All print materials must include a notation related to sponsorship by the Eagle Diversity and Inclusion Team. If applicable to justifying the requested funds, a copy of your organizational budget should be attached to the proposal. Here's a sample to follow if you need assistance (.docx).

  • Final Reporting—if approved for funding, a final written report must be submitted to the Eagle Diversity and Inclusion Team no later than thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the project or activity. The partnering groups will also be required to attend the next meeting of the EDIT to briefly present on the project and its outcomes. 


To increase impartiality in the review process, a double-blind peer review process will be utilized. Review teams, composed of students, faculty (team chair) and staff of the University, along with a community member, will make recommendations to Dr. Caroline Atkins of projects they recommend for funding. 

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