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About the website

MSU's Office of Communications & Marketing develops the design and layout for the Morehead State website based on best usability, accessibility, and brand consistency practices. Content is reviewed and revised for readability, tone and style. We strive to deliver content so users can access it regardless of ability or device.


Web Content & Layout

Our responsibility is to review requests and strategically revise content and layout to ensure it is findable and specifically targeted to our audience. 

Using detailed analytics, we take a data-informed approach to guide our users' attention, so the site is: 

  • Findable 
    • Ranked in search 
    • Attracts new users 
    • Earns featured snippet in Google 
  • Scannable 
    • Standout text when scanning the page 
    • Headlines, subheads, etc.
    • Carries meaning 
  • Readable 
    • Appropriate grade level (grades 8-10) & length 
    • On-brand 
    • Accessible (The content is delivered so users can access it regardless of ability or device.) 
  • Moving and Engaging 
    • Persuades users to take desired actions 
    • Users stay on-site and go to other pages 
  • Functional 
    • Works well with different Internet browsers and devices and network speeds 
    • Structured to fit design specifications 
    • Up-to-date 

Please complete the web request form if your department site needs to be updated with relevant content.

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Office of Communications & Marketing

134 Third St.
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-9328
FAX: 606-783-5056

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