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The Office of Communications & Marketing builds and utilizes strong, audience-focused channels to tell MSU's story in alignment with the Strategic Plan and University brand pillars.

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What stories are most likely to receive coverage?

Content (media releases, announcements, social media posts, calendar events, etc.) that we prioritize:

  • Have the broadest relevance to all audiences (both external and internal)
  • Align with MSU's Strategic Plan and brand pillars
  • Positively reflect upon the image and perception of Morehead State University

While we do not promise coverage of every event or story, we assess the newsworthiness of activities and, depending on the story and timing, may do one or more of the following:

  • Write and distribute a news release (which, again, we can't guarantee will be used by the media).
  • Promote or pitch the story to media (something happening in higher education across the state or country, for example).
  • Post a calendar listing on
  • Post on one or more of MSU's primary social media channels.
  • Distribute it various internal communication outlets (Convocation program, mass email, etc.).
  • Include it in eStatement or Statement (alumni magazine).
  • Post it on MSU's website (news page, department page, etc.).
  • Include it in recruitment or other University publications.

Helpful tips for submitting news items

Consider some of the following questions to help us have the best understanding of how this story can promote MSU and elevate our brand (noting that we understand not every story will fit perfectly into these categories).

Stories about people:

  • How is this person connected to Morehead State University?
  • What makes them noteworthy?
  • How did their MSU experience help them grow and arrive at their success?
  • How does their success make the community a better place?
  • How do they continue to connect to MSU?

Stories about events:

  • Why is this event important?
  • What University priorities does it promote or reflect?
  • How is this event improving the community?
  • Does the speaker or presenter have a national level of influence?
  • How is the topic relevant?

Stories about research or creative productions:

  • Who was involved?
  • How does the research reflect expertise on the part of a faculty member?
  • How does the research help the student involved grow, and how does it prepare them for after graduation?
  • What grants made this research possible?
  • What problems does this research solve?
  • What communities could this research benefit?

Stories on grants, awards & publications:

Grants: We typically prefer to write about what research or creative production was made possible by the grant (see Stories on Research/Creative Productions).

Awards: We typically prefer to write a story on the individual who won the award (see Stories on People), which would also include information on the award.


  • Is a Morehead State University community member the primary author?
  • Does this work reflect the expertise of the MSU author?
  • Does the topic have a broad public appeal?
  • Was the text published by or in a noteworthy publication?
  • Did the publication win a national-level award?

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