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PAc-11 Faculty Scholarship

Policy:  PAc-11
Subject:  Faculty Scholarship
Approval Date:  07/01/85
Revision Date:  06/16/2009


To define faculty scholarship and to outline the process to be followed by faculty members interested in undertaking scholarship.


Scholarship is the use, application, or synthesis of existing knowledge and methodologies with the aim of (1) establishing new understanding and knowledge, (2) developing new technologies, methodologies, or materials, (3) creating or rendering artistic works, or (4) solving discipline-related problems or general societal problems. Scholarly products must be communicated with peers through appropriate outlets. The nature and relative importance of these outlets are to be determined by individual departments. However, outlets requiring greater peer review should be preferred over outlets requiring less peer review, and outlets with a larger audience should be preferred over outlets with a smaller audience.


Faculty members are encouraged to engage in scholarship.

Those interested in applying for a University-funded grant should contact the person(s) in charge of the grant program of interest or the University Research and Creative Productions Committee.

If applying for a grant to be funded by an external agency, an individual shall contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. 

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