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PAd-5 Search and Screening Procedures for Senior-Level Non-Academic Administrative Personnel

Policy: PAd-5
Subject: Search and Screening Procedures for Senior-Level Non-Academic Administrative Personnel
Approval Date: 07/01/85
Revision Date: 04/30/93, 09/15/05; 08/08/19
Last Review Date: 08/08/19


To outline the search and screening procedures to be used when filling senior-level non-academic administrative personnel positions.


Senior-level non-academic administrative positions including:

  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Vice President for University Advancement
  • Other non-academic administrators who report directly to the President


The President shall establish search committees when filling vacancies in senior-level non-academic administrative positions.


The size and make-up of each committee will be determined by the President depending upon the nature of the position to be filled. However, each such committee shall have at least two faculty members, at least two staff members and one student included in its composition.

Upon request, the Faculty Senate and Staff Congress shall provide slates of selected faculty and staff members from which the President selects at least two each. The Student Government Association shall provide a list of selected students from which the President selects one. Other members of the committee may be designated by the President. 

The Office of Human Resources acts in an advising role to the search committee.


As defined in the University Affirmative Action Plan, the Affirmative Action officer shall be responsible for monitoring the entire search and interviewing process to ensure affirmative action, equal opportunity, and adherence to public policy.


When a senior-level non-academic administrative position becomes vacant, the President shall establish a search committee.

In conjunction with the search committee, the Director of Human Resources prepares the recruitment and advertisement copy for the search keeping in mind the University's commitment to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

Advertisements are placed by the Office of Human Resources and responses are received and acknowledged by the Office of Human Resources.

The resumes of all candidates are reviewed and evaluated by all members of the search committee.

The committee shall submit to the President the names of candidates for consideration for interviews.

The President shall select from the list those candidates to be invited for interviews by the committee, the President, and any others designated by the President. The President may request the committee to submit additional candidates to be interviewed.

Following the interviews, the committee shall recommend a list of qualified candidates.

The President shall select the final candidate from that list or direct that the search be re-opened and extended.

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