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PAd-6 Extra Compensation

Policy: PAd-6
Subject: Extra Compensation Approval Date: 07/01/85
Revision Date: 08/08/19
Last Review Date: 08/08/19


To outline procedure and establish guidelines for determining circumstances under which extra compensation is payable to administrative employees for extra non-continuing assignments.


This policy is not utilized for determining compensation when an individual is appointed in an "acting" capacity.


An administrative employee, by nature of his/her position, is considered to be available for work assignments without additional remuneration at times other than his/her regularly scheduled hours and appointments.  However, there are circumstances under which it is in the University's interest to utilize such personnel for extra assignments with additional remuneration.


The determination of those unusual circumstances in which extra assignments and compensation are appropriate will be the responsibility of the appropriate supervisor in consultation with the Director of Human Resources.


The following guidelines will apply:

  • The duties to be performed should be clearly differentiated from the types of duties the individual normally performs.
  • Normally, the additional duties should not be performed on a continuing basis.
  • Normally, the additional duties should not be performed during the regular work schedule of the individual, nor should it in any way impair the ability of the administrator to carry out his/her regular responsibilities.
  • Normally, if the additional duties performed are teaching duties, no more than two 3-credit hour courses (or their equivalent) should be taught in a fiscal year.
  • Normally, the work should not be performed for the Dean or supervisor for whom the administrator regularly works. In those cases in which the work is in the same area, prior approval is required by the appropriate Vice President (or President).
  • An administrator's participation in a project that involves extra compensation from another University fiscal unit must have prior approval for the participation and the amount of extra compensation from the administrator's Dean or supervisor (or President).

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