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PG-13 Employee Uniforms

Policy: PG-13
Subject: Employee Uniforms
Approval Date: 07/01/85; 9/12/2019
Revision Date: 6/18/20


To specify the University's responsibility in providing and maintaining uniforms for certain groups of employees.


A uniform for an employee is provided by the University only when it is necessary:

  1. To maintain exceptionally high standards of sanitation such as in the preparation of foods,
  2. To identify persons, or
  3. To prevent injury to an employee while performing a hazardous job.


Each employee required to wear a uniform shall take the necessary steps to protect it from excessive damage and wear. Uniforms issued by the University are to be worn only during working hours except that where necessary, the uniform may be worn in travel between the University and the employee's home. When a uniform is provided, it shall be worn by the employees.


A required uniform for an employee will be provided by the University at no expense to the employee. The University will not pay partially or fully for either the cost or maintenance of any uniforms that do not meet the above requirements.

The interests of separate departments of the University are best served by providing more than one system by which required uniforms may be made available to employees. These systems are (1) the rental of uniforms by the University, or (2) the outright purchase of the uniforms by the University.

The cost of the maintenance of uniforms may be paid in full by the University. This includes cleaning and laundering and the replacement of worn articles of clothing.

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