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PG-29 Exit Interviews

Policy: PG-29
Subject: Exit Interviews
Approval Date: 07/01/85
Revision Date: 03/26/87; 08/08/19
Last Review Date: 08/08/19


To provide a means to obtain information regarding a faculty or staff member's attitude toward the University and his/her job, work area, and supervisor upon termination of employment or retirement and to determine that the faculty or staff member's obligations to the University have been settled properly prior to the final date of employment.


Upon termination or retirement, the faculty or staff member will be scheduled for an interview by the Office of Human Resources. The interview for staff will be conducted by the Office of Human Resources. Interviews for faculty will be conducted by the appropriate Dean. The purpose of the interview will be to discuss with the employee his/her attitudes toward the University, the job, the unit in which he/she was employed, and the supervisor or manager to whom the individual reported.


In order to have a frank exchange of information, the person conducting the interview will request from the employee authorization to share the information with those concerned. If such permission is not granted, the information will not be disclosed. However, such information still will have value in determining patterns of problems that can be shared generally with areas involved without disclosing the sources.
A Separation Information Form shall be completed by the person conducting the interview.


The faculty or staff member shall complete a checklist of things to do before leaving University employment on an Employment Separation.


Clearance form provided by the supervisor and sign and date the form and present it to the Office of Human Resources at the time of the exit interview.


Failure to liquidate outstanding debts to the University will result in the indebtedness becoming a matter of official record.

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