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PG-42 Employee's Responsibility for University Keys and Property

Policy: PG-42
Subject: Employee Responsibility for University Keys and Property
Approval Date: 11/04/85, 12/05/2019
Revision Date: 06/17/88, 12/05/2019
Last Review Date: 12/05/2019


To inform employees of their responsibilities regarding the care and attention of University keys and property.


Implementation of a key control system allows convenient access to facilities and provides for facility security. To obtain a key for personal use, the employee must receive approval from their vice president or dean and obtain a key from the Office of Facilities Management. Key Request Forms can be obtained from the offices of the vice presidents or deans. Upon appropriate approval of the request, the approved key request form will be sent to the Office of Facilities Management. Upon issuance of a key, an employee is required to sign a key agreement indicating that he/she will not duplicate the key or loan the key to unauthorized personnel and will return the key to the Office of  Facilities Management  when no longer needed or upon separation from  University employment. Lost or stolen keys should be reported immediately to the appropriate supervisor(s) at which time a lost key report will be completed. In the event of negligence, a charge for a lock change may be assessed when a key is lost or stolen. This charge must be paid by the employee before a new key is issued.


Employees may be issued University property and other equipment necessary to perform their day-to-day duties and responsibilities. In addition, employees may be given access to the University's technology resources via passwords. It is the employee's responsibility that this equipment and material, as well as individual technology account passwords, electronic databases, and access to technology resources and equipment be maintained with the utmost care and be protected from misuse and/or abuse. 


Violation of any part of the key agreement or the misuse and/or abuse of technology account passwords, electronic databases, or technology resources and equipment may result in revocation of all key or technology privileges and/or subject the employee to disciplinary action as described in PG-55. Under Kentucky Revised Statutes, any person who knowingly makes, or causes to be made, any University key shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.  Likewise, misuse and/or abuse, destruction, or unauthorized access to University property and/or technology resources is subject to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from University employment.

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