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PG-48 Vacation Leave

Policy: PG-48
Subject: Vacation Leave
Approval Date: 07/01/85
Revision Date: 06/22/90; 09/17/93; 11/14/97; 12/06/02; 08/08/19; 4/21/22
Last Review Date: 4/21/22


To define conditions for vacation leave for regular full-time employees classified as exempt or nonexempt staff. This policy also applies to full-time faculty members who are eligible for vacation and who are employed on a 9, 10, 11 or 12-month basis.


For regular, full-time employees, vacation shall be accumulated at the rate of 7.5 hours or 8 hours, depending upon the length of the employee’s regularly scheduled work day, for each month of regular employment through the first 4 years of continuous service; 9.38 hours (7.5 hour employee) and 10.00 hours (8 hour employee) per month for 5 to 9 years of continuous service; 11.25 hours (7.5 hour employee) and 12.00 hours (8 hour employee) per month for 10 to 14 years of continuous  service; and 12.53 hours (7.5 hour employee) and 13.36 hours (8 hour employee) per month after 15 years of continuous service. See Table below for accumulation rates for each period of university service:

Accumulation Rates
Years of Service and Vacation Leave Accrual (hired after June 30, 1990)
Years of service
1-4 years
5-9 years
10-14 years
15 years
and over
7.5 hrs/day 7.50 hours 9.38 hours 11.25 hours 12.53 hours
8.0 hrs/day 8.00 hours 10.0 hours 12.00 hours 13.36 hours

An employee accumulates vacation in any month in which the employee is paid for 11 or more days, except that pay received for accumulated vacation at time of leave without pay, termination  of employment, death, or retirement will not be credited toward the 11 days. The earned vacation  day is to be applied to the employee's leave balance at the beginning of the month following the month in which the member works eleven or more days. Vacation days may not be used before they are earned and applied to the employee’s leave balance. 


 A full-time faculty member who is determined to be eligible for vacation accrual by the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs based on employment on a nine-, ten-, eleven- or twelve-month basis, shall earn vacation for a period specified in the contractual arrangement and at the rate detailed for regular full-time employees.


Employees serving an initial probationary period will accrue vacation at the rate of 7.5 hours (for 37.5 hour per week employees) or 8.0 hours (for 40 hour per week employees) per month of employment. The vacation will not be vested and may not be taken until the employee successfully completes his/her probationary period. In the event the initial probationary period is  extended for any reason, the employee will continue to accrue vacation at the rate specified above but it will not be vested nor will the employee be allowed to take vacation time until successfully completing the probationary period.


As of June 30 of each calendar year, the maximum accumulation of vacation for a full-time employee shall be 225 hours (7.5 hour employees) or 240 (8 hour employees) (30 work days). Vacation balances over the above maximums shall not be permitted as of June 30 of each calendar year.


The work requirements of the University shall take priority in the scheduling of vacation or other time off. In so far as possible, however, consideration will be given to any specific request by an individual; competitive requests for the same time off shall ordinarily be decided in favor of the person with the longer period of continuous service in the unit. 

Vacation must be scheduled in advance and approved by the immediate supervisor in writing on an Exception Approval Form (forms available in the Office of Human Resources). Otherwise, the time off may result in a salary deduction and is cause for disciplinary action, unless the supervisor judges the circumstances to have been an emergency.

An administrative unit may establish periods of time when vacation may or may not be taken and/or periods of time when vacation requests are to be submitted. If such latter times are established, vacation requests submitted other than during the specified periods shall be considered after requests received during the specified periods.

Only days on which the employee normally would have worked are charged against accumulated vacation. Vacation leave shall be charged in not less than one hour units for any workday where the leave requested that is less than a full workday (7.5 hours or 8.0 hours).


An employee who retires, terminates employment, returns or is reassigned to a non-vacation accruing position, dies, or commences a leave of absence without pay (except for illness, including maternity or injury--see PG-9) shall receive the cash equivalent for unused vested vacation as of that date or a maximum of 30 days. The cash equivalent for an hourly employee is  determined by dividing the annual salary by 1,950 times seven-and-one-half (7 1/2) times the number of unused days. For an employee on a thirty-seven and one-half hour work week; or by 2,080 times eight (8) times the number of unused days for an employee on a 40-hour week. The cash equivalent for an exempt employee is determined by dividing the salary by the number of days in the contract (i.e. 195, 260, etc.). There is no other cash settlement for accumulated vacation.

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