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PG-50 Staff Performance Management System

Policy: PG-50
Subject: Staff Performance Management System
Approval Date: 12/14/1990, 12/05/2019
Revision Date: 09/15/2000, 09/20/2007, 06/08/2017, 12/05/2019
Last Review Date: 12/05/2019


Morehead State University utilizes a performance management process that sets job expectations and evaluates personnel by their performance. The evaluation process recognizes opportunities for those that are meeting or exceeding expectations as well as assists personnel not meeting expectations in order to maximize employee potential.


The Board of Regents authorizes the President to develop procedures for administering the Performance Management System.                                                          


The President may allocate funds for performance pay to be determined annually based on budgetary considerations. If performance pay is available, those considered will be employees rated as meeting or exceeding expectations.


All full-time non-faculty staff of both exempt and nonexempt status shall be eligible to complete probationary and annual performance evaluations. All part-time non-faculty staff who complete four or more months of employment in the fiscal year are eligible.  


Staff evaluation forms are developed with certain core expectations in mind. The University’s supervisors are to utilize the appropriate evaluation forms depending on the classification of the employee. Both forms evaluate different core expectations and a completed performance evaluation instrument shall enable supervisors to identify the rating of each core competency as well as the overall rating of the employee to meet one of these three available categories:

  • Consistently exceeds the performance requirements of the position
  • Completely meets the expectations of the position, indicating all assignments and objectives were performed according to the established requirements of the position
  • Does not meet or partially meets some, but not all, expectations and further improvement is required for successful performance of the area in question.


Supervisors should contact the office of Human Resources for performance improvement planning assistance with any of the three possible over-all scores.

For Staff Performance Management System procedure information, refer to UAR 301.04.

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