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PG-57 Retired Faculty and Staff Re-Employment Program

Policy: PG-57
Subject: Retired Faculty and Staff Re-Employment Program
Approval Date: 09/15/2000
Revision Date: 08/08/19
Last Review Date: 08/08/19


To permit the University to re-employ retired staff and faculty on a part-time basis consistent with regulations promulgated by the Kentucky Employees Retirement System (KERS) or the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System (KTRS). This policy does not apply to retirees being re-employed on a full-time basis.

This program is not an entitlement and does not carry automatic participation. Each applicant for post-retirement employment will be considered on the basis of merit, University resources, enrollment demands, and the capability of the individual to contribute to the needs of the University.


Retiring staff and faculty members must apply for post-retirement employment directly to the supervisor of the unit to which they are making application. The President may recommend to the Board of Regents post-retirement re-employment upon the recommendation of the appropriate Vice President. The Vice President shall have received the favorable recommendation of the retiree's up-line supervisors.


The post-retirement employment program for non-faculty KTRS retirees provides the opportunity for re-employment up to the equivalent of 100 days in any one fiscal year. 102. Kentucky Administrative Regulation 1:035 defines a day as more than three and one-half hours of work; three and one-half hours or less is considered one-half day.

The post-retirement program for faculty and academic administrators will provide the opportunity for re-employment to teach up to half-time per academic year (August-May) or to perform other mutually agreed upon duties not to exceed 100 days per year.

Retirees re-employed under this plan may retain the appropriate faculty rank from which they retired; but they will not be eligible for promotion or sabbatical leaves as outlined in PAc-2 and PAc-17.

Retirees may be given priority in receiving summer teaching assignments for the Summer I session immediately prior to their retirement.

The post-retirement employment program for KERS retirees provides the opportunity for re-employment on a part-time basis for a period of less than an average of 100 hours per month for the period of re-employment.

Retirees re-employed under this policy do not retain Staff Congress or Faculty Senate voting rights, nor are they eligible for promotion. Retirees being re-employed under this policy should consult with the Office of Human Resources for eligibility before candidacy.

This special re-employment category carries with it the expectations, duties, and responsibilities of a regular employee. Re-employed retirees who are participating in this program will be governed by University personnel policies with the exceptions noted above. The member's performance will be evaluated utilizing the same evaluation instruments as used to evaluate regular full-time employees.

Re-employed retirees will have access to the University's tuition waiver program (see UAR 327), nontransferable and proportional to their contracts up to a maximum of six credit hours per academic year (fall and spring semesters only). Office space, library and special purchase privileges, e.g., bookstore and athletic tickets, will be available in accordance with University policies and procedures.


The hiring department or office will negotiate post-retirement salaries or wages. Future salary adjustments will be permitted in accordance with salary distribution guidelines adopted by the University each year.

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