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PG-9 Personal Leave of Absence Without Pay (Other than Military or Family Medical Leave)

Policy: PG-9
Subject: Personal Leave of Absence Without Pay (Other than Military or Family Medical Leave)
Approval Date: 07/01/85
Technical Change Date: 04/30/91
Revision Date: 06/22/94; 11/14/97; 12/06/02; 08/08/19
Last Review Date: 08/08/19


To provide for granting a regular, full-time faculty or staff member a personal leave of absence without pay upon recommendation and approval of the employee's supervisor(s).


 A personal leave of absence without pay may be granted for extended vacation, personal business, medical reasons (beyond the limits of PG-52, Family and Medical Leave), professional travel, approved formal study or educational leave, or job-related employment. Such leave of absence request must be submitted to the individual's supervisor at least sixty (60) calendar days in advance and approved by the immediate supervisor in writing on an Exception Approval Form (forms available in Office of Human Resources).

A non-faculty employee of the University has as his/her primary responsibility, the obligation to fulfill the work requirements of the position for which he/she was employed. At times, however, a non-faculty employee of the University may choose to take part in an assignment, task, or activity external to the individual's employment. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, consulting, teaching outside the University, directing, or participating in special activity projects (e.g., camps or workshops).  Absence from official work assignments will be accountable by either official leave or vacation leave as outlined in the University's Personnel Policy Manual.  Participation in all such activities must have proper approvals. 


Such a personal leave may not be granted if it would cause an undue hardship on the operation of the department or create a conflict of interest.

A personal leave of absence may be granted based on the individual's continuous, full-time service, as follows: 

An employee on such leave may have additional retirement system rights as approved by law.

Length of Continuous Service at Start of the Leave Maximum Length of Leave Granted
During employee's probationary period   Up to one month
Upon completion of employee's probationary period  Up to 12 months



For the purpose of this policy, a faculty member with a minimum of six months of continuous full-time service may request a personal leave of up to 12 months.

Short-term approved absences of less than one full pay period shall be handled as payroll deductions.


The maximum of any continuous leave of absence, normally, cannot exceed twenty-four (24) months, unless otherwise provided in the law. Any employee who exceeds this period, regardless of the reason for the leave, will be released from the University. However, if extenuating circumstances exist, or if the leave may be in the best interest of the institution, the President may, upon request of the faculty or staff member, and the faculty or staff member's supervisor(s), recommend to the Board of Regents additional leave. 


An approved leave of not more than one year, may be counted towards continuous service for promotion, tenure, and sabbatical leave when the leave is in the mutual interest of the faculty and the University; however, being on leave does not assure a pay increase or other fiscal benefits. A faculty member must make written application to his/her Associate Dean/Department Chair for such leave to be counted towards continuous service. The request for leave must be approved by the respective Associate Dean/Department Chair, Dean and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to the leave being granted (see PAc-2 and PAc-27).


A faculty or staff member on a personal approved leave without pay for any reason other than a medical leave of absence as provided in this policy or an approved educational leave may elect to continue in the insurance plans in which he/she is participating at his/her expense. The University will continue to pay the insurance expense for faculty or staff on approved medical or educational leave; however, if he/she does not return to University employment for a minimum of six months at the termination of leave, he/she will be responsible for reimbursement for the insurance premiums paid by the University during the leave. 


A faculty or staff member on a personal leave of absence without pay does not accumulate vacation or sick leave unless he/she is paid for 11 or more workdays in that calendar month. 

The faculty or staff member may retain sick or vacation leave accumulated as of the beginning of an approved personal leave of absence.


A faculty or staff member does not receive pay or compensatory time for any University holiday(s) that occurs while he/she is on leave of absence without pay.


An employee granted a personal leave of absence without pay will be reinstated to the same or to a similar position at the expiration of the leave. If the employee does not return, at the agreed upon date, his/her employment will be terminated.



If a faculty or staff member desires to return before his/her approved leave ends, he/she is to contact the appropriate supervisor to determine whether an acceptable date for early return can be arranged.

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