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PSE-2 Probationary Period for Employees Classified as Staff Exempt

Policy: PSE-2
Subject: Probationary Period for Employees Classified As Staff Exempt
Approval Date: 07/01/85
Revision Date: 06/22/94; 08/08/19
Last Review Date: 08/08/19


To establish a period of time for a newly hired full-time; or continuing part-time staff exempt employee; or an employee who has internally transferred to a position of greater value, for evaluation of the employee by the employing department as to the advisability of employment continuation following a probationary period.


The probationary period for an employee appointed to a position classified as staff exempt is 180 calendar days from the date of appointment. If a probationary employee transfers to a new assignment during the probationary period, the employee shall serve a new probationary period beginning with the effective date of the transfer. A period of temporary layoff or leave without pay shall not be counted toward the completion of the probationary period.


Employees who accept another position through the internal posting process which results in a promotion or transfer to a position of greater value, shall serve a 180 calendar day probationary period to determine the employee's suitability for the higher level job. During this probationary period, leave will accumulate. If for any acceptable reason the employee is unable to complete the probationary period and is released, the employee may revert back to his/her previous position only if the job exists and has not yet been filled. The employee may also apply for current openings and will be given consideration for such openings, if his/her previous position has been filled. Lay-off procedures of PSE-6 will be applicable in cases where the employee is not selected to assume a previous or similar position. 


No probationary period will be required when an employee requests an internal transfer and accepts a position of equal value. If a voluntary transfer results in a demotion where individuals are assigned duties and responsibilities at a lower level or of lesser value than previously assigned, it will be the normal practice not to require a probationary period. 


The decision as to the employee's suitability for a job is the sole responsibility of the supervisor. Employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period, the employee cannot

use grievance procedure except for complaints of discrimination based upon protected class status which may be referred to the Affirmative Action Officer in accordance with PG-5. 


Requests for time off during a probationary period are to be made only for strict necessities or emergencies. 


Ten working days prior to completion of the period, the supervisor shall complete a Personnel Action Request (PAR) showing “Probation Completed” and a Professional Employee Performance Evaluation form on the employee and submit same to the appropriate Vice President or President for signature and forward both forms to the Office of Human Resources. 


In the event an employee's performance is not totally satisfactory or the supervisor feels an extension of the probationary period would be in the best interest of the University, the supervisor may request in writing, an extension of the employee's probationary period. The period may be extended up to ninety (90) calendar days in consultation with Human Resources. Prior to the completion of this extended probationary period, the supervisor must reevaluate the employee and recommend either termination of employment or placement on regular status.

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