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PSNE-11 Training and Development

Policy: PSNE-11
Subject: Training and Development
Approval Date: 07/01/85
Revision Date: 03/26/87; 08/08/19
Last Review Date: 08/08/19


To provide wherever possible the facilities and means to train and develop staff members in order to improve work performance, to act affirmatively in enhancing opportunities for advancement, to foster satisfaction in work accomplishments, and to establish productive relationships with students, faculty and staff, and the general public.


Supervisors at all levels are responsible for assisting staff members to improve skills and knowledge to perform their assignments

effectively. Attention also should be given to staff members who desire to improve their skills and knowledge for advancement, if it is in the interests of the University and the individual, recognizing that the work requirements and limits on financial resources also must be major factors for consideration.


The Office of Human Resources is responsible to provide assistance to supervisors and departments in meeting training and development needs. On request, the Office of Human Resources initiates or develops in cooperation with other University areas such in- service training programs as might be needed to meet the training and development needs.


In-service training programs may be offered during regular working hours, outside of working hours, or a combination of both, depending upon the nature and purpose of the programs.

Attendance at such training programs shall require the approval of the supervisor. Time in attendance on such training programs during the staff member's normal work hours shall be considered as part of the staff member's regular work schedule.


If approval is given to a staff member to attend training designated by the University that is away from the University, the staff member shall not lose pay for normal work time missed for such training. If prior approval is given for payment for expenses connected with attendance in the training program, expenses as approved shall be reimbursed in accordance with established University policies.


Care should be exercised in scheduling a nonexempt employee for programs outside of the employee's normal work hours because of potential overtime pay obligations. If such training schedules are contemplated, the Office of Human Resources should be consulted in advance.

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