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University Graduate Committee

Revision Date: Standing Committee, last revision April 2011; July 2012, August 2012, June 2020.

Purpose: To review and make recommendations on policies and regulations pertaining to graduate study; to advise the Director of Graduate School in the execution of these policies; to review and recommend the approval of graduate programs and courses.

Membership: Voting membership of the committee shall consist of two faculty members with graduate teaching status from each college selected by the Faculty Senate (At least one faculty member shall be a Faculty Senator, but Faculty Senators should not hold a majority of faculty membership on the committee); one graduate student from each college selected by the Student Government Association, the Director of Graduate School, the Registrar (ex officio, non-voting), and the Dean of Library Services or his/her designee. The faculty members shall serve two year terms with one member of each college being replaced each year. Term of service for student members shall be one year.

Duties & Responsibilities:

To examine and evaluate the graduate curriculum of the University for possible improvement.

To recommend revisions and to initiate suggestions for study or actions by the graduate faculty of the colleges and/or departments.

To pursue the development of experimental and innovative graduate curricular programs.

To make recommendations on proposals for new graduate curricular programs and changes in graduate offerings which have been approved by the appropriate college graduate committee and dean.

To coordinate and promote the activities of the college graduate committee.

To recommend policies, standards, and regulations pertaining to graduate academic programs and admissions.

To make the final decision on appointments to the graduate faculty as outlined in PAc-6 in the event the nomination is rejected by the college graduate committee.

To review the admissions standards for University graduate programs.

Officers: Chair - Director of Graduate School who shall vote only in case of a tie; and a Vice Chair as selected by the committee from the membership.

Frequency of Meetings: At least twice a semester.

Reporting Channels: Recommendatory to the Provost. Recommended changes in policies and procedures shall be reported to the Faculty Senate.

Minutes & Proposals Copied to: The Library, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, Staff Congress, and Registrar.

Support Services: Office of the Director of Graduate School shall provide administrative support.


Electronic proposals are to be submitted in .pdf format. Proposal forms can be obtained by contacting Gera Jones or 606-783-9580.

  • University Graduate Committee Proposal Development and Submission Guidelines
  • Fall 2023 Proposal Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates
  • Notification of Intent - Contact Chris Schroeder
  • Contact Chris Schroeder for pre-proposal form
  • Type I: Minor Curriculum Change - used for minor changes, which do not modify courses or program content, are needed (e.g., in title, prefix, course number, catalog course description or minor admission requirement). The addition or deletion of equation is also considered a minor change.
  • Type II: New Course Proposal - used when a new course is proposed or when a revision is proposed in the subject matter and/or method of instruction of an existing course.
  • Type III: Program Revision Proposal and Template – SLO Mapping (Competency Mapping) - used for academic program revisions. An amended curriculum map must be attached to each Type III proposal, as well as the SLO Mapping. Each revised or new course included in this program revision requires a Type II proposal.
  • Type IV: (Contact Chris Schroeder) - New Graduate Program Proposal
  • Type V: Experimental Course/Workshop Proposal - An experimental course is a course that employs a new or innovative methodology, format, or content. An experimental course may be offered three times before a Type II new course proposal must be submitted and approved.
  • Type VI: Program or Course Deletion/Suspension

Reinstatement of a Program or Course

Reinstatement Proposal guidelines are to be followed for reinstatements. A proposed reinstatement should utilize a Type II (for a course) or a Type III (for a program) proposal. Any program reinstatement must occur within the five-year suspension period.


The procedure for resignation from a University Standing Committee is written notification to the University Standing Committee chairperson, Faculty Senate secretary, and the faculty member’s Department Chair. In the absence of a University Standing Committee Chairperson, the notification may be sent to the Faculty Senate secretary and the faculty member’s Department Chair.

  • Eric Brown, CCAHSS 2022-24
  • Jenny Dearden, COS, 2023-25
  • Kim Fatten, CBT, 2022-24
  • Bernadette Barton, CCAHSS, 2023-25
  • David Gregory, Dean of Library Services or Designee
  • Flint Harrelson, COS, 2022-24
  • Michael Kessinger, COE, 2023-25
  • Susan Maxey, Director of Graduate School, Chair
  • Michael Hypes, CBT, 2023-25
  • Geralda Silva Nelson, COE, 2022-24
  • Kerry Murphy, Registrar, ex-officio
  • VACANT, graduate student COE 
  • Christian Lowe, graduate student COS 
  • VACANT, graduate student CBT 
  • VACANT, graduate student HUM

* All 1-year terms end Aug. 15 of each fiscal year.

Contact Information

Faculty Senate

Susan Perry, Faculty Senate Secretary
302A Ginger Hall

PHONE: 606-783-2598