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Research & Creative Productions Committee

Revision Date: Standing Committee, last revision February 2015, April 2019, June 2023.

Purpose: To promote quality University research and creative productions.

Membership: Voting membership of the committee shall consist of two faculty members from each college, a professional librarian. The faculty members and the librarian shall be selected by the Faculty Senate. One nonvoting graduate student member may be appointed annually. Faculty members and the librarian shall serve a non-successive term with one member of each college being replaced each year. The Committee may not recommend awards for its own members.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • To promote quality research and creative productions.
  • To encourage and evaluate grant proposals and make recommendations regarding internal funding for research and creative productions.
  • To prepare the annual report of research and creative productions.
  • To solicit and review nominations of faculty for the Distinguished Researcher Award and the Distinguished Creative Production Award and to recommend the recipients
  • Make recommendations, accompanied by brief evaluations of the applications, in writing to the Provost for any sabbatical leave of absence requests made by faculty.

Frequency of Meetings: As called.

Officers: Chair shall vote only in case of a tie; a Vice Chair to be selected by the committee from the membership.; and a Secretary to be provided by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Reporting Channels: Recommendatory to the Provost.

Minutes and Proposals Copied to: The Library, Faculty Senate, and Staff Congress.

Support Services: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.


  • Ilsun White, COS, 2023-25 
  • Janelle Hare, COS, 2022-24
  • Eric Brown, HUM, 2022-24
  • Lisa Shannon HUM, 2021-23
  • Lucas Lunt, CBT, Co-Chair 2023-24
  • Lydia Njoroge, CBT, 2023-25 
  • Daryl Privot, COE, 2022-24
  • Lesia Lennex, COE, 2023-25
  • VACANCY, Librarian, 2019-21
  • Shannon Harr, Director Research and Sponsored Programs, CHAIR 
  • VACANT, graduate student, ex-officio
* All 1-year terms end Aug. 15 of each fiscal year.

Contact Information

Faculty Senate

Susan Perry, Faculty Senate Secretary
302A Ginger Hall

PHONE: 606-783-2598