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Scholarship Appeals & Advisory Committee

Revision Date: Standing Committee, last revision March 2007.

Purpose: To ensure uniform, consistent and fair distribution of scholarship funds and to comply with University policies and procedures for distributing these funds.

Membership: Voting membership shall consist of the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services, one faculty member from each college to be selected by the Faculty Senate (At least one faculty member shall be a Faculty Senator, but Faculty Senators should not hold a majority of faculty membership on the committee.), two professional non-faculty staff members selected by the Staff Congress and two students selected by the Student Government Association. Nonvoting members shall be the Director of Budgets, the Honors Program Director, and the Program Specialist for Scholarships. The selected faculty and staff members shall serve two-year terms with no more than one-half being replaced each year. Student members shall serve a one-year term.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The committee shall serve as an appeals body for all University budgeted and privately funded scholarship recipients.

To serve in an advisory capacity and recommend policies and procedures pertaining to scholarship programs.

Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary to be selected by the committee from the membership.

Frequency of Meetings: As Required. A majority of the work of this committee will be completed during the summer and periodically during each semester.

Reporting Channels: Recommendatory to the Vice President for Student Life. Recommended changes in policies and procedures shall be reported to the Faculty Senate and Staff Congress.

Minutes and Proposals Copied to: The Library, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, and Staff Congress.

Support Services: Office of Financial Aid, Office of Development, Office of Budgets.


The procedure for resignation from a University Standing Committee is written notification to the University Standing Committee chairperson, Faculty Senate secretary, and the faculty member’s Department Chair. In the absence of a University Standing Committee Chairperson, the notification may be sent to the Faculty Senate secretary and the faculty member’s Department Chair.

  • James Adkins, HUM, 2023-25
  • Lisa Wallace, COS, 2022-24 CHAIR
  • Eujin Kim, CBT, 2022-24
  • Sherry Stultz, COE, 2023-25 
  • Annette Hines, Prof/NF, 2020-22
  • VACANT, Prof/NF, 2021-23
  • Denise Trusty, Program Specialist for Scholarships. ex-officio
  • Jessica Cooper, Director of Budgets, ex-officio
  • Phil Krummrich, Honors Program Director, ex-officio
  • Heidi Neal, Assistant VP, Enrollment Services
  • Aliya Frisby, student, appointed by SGA 
  • Bailey Bullock, student, appointed by SGA 

* All 1-year terms end Aug. 15 of each fiscal year.

Contact Information

Faculty Senate

Susan Perry, Faculty Senate Secretary
302A Ginger Hall

PHONE: 606-783-2598