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Service Committee

Revision Date: Standing Committee, established May 1991, revised April 1994.

Purpose: To recognize and reward service by evaluating applications for, and recommending selection of outstanding recipients for the Distinguished Faculty Service Award (DFSA) and the Distinguished Staff Service Award (DSSA).

Membership: Membership shall consist of four faculty members, one from each college, and one professional librarian selected by the Faculty Senate (At least one faculty member shall be a Faculty Senator, but Faculty Senators should not hold a majority of faculty membership on the committee.); with terms for two years staggered so that two members are elected each year; six staff members, one from each EEO job classification category, selected by the Staff Congress, with terms for two years staggered so that three members are elected each year; one academic department chair selected by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; one representative of the Student Government Association, selected by the SGA annually; and the two most recent recipients of both the Distinguished Faculty Service Award who are active faculty and the Distinguished Staff Service Award. Should a faculty member of the committee be nominated for "Distinguished Faculty Service Award" that faculty member should be replaced by an alternate named by the Faculty Senate.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • To promote and recognize quality service to the University, community, region, nation and world.
  • To solicit, review and make recommendations on nominations for the Distinguished Faculty Service Award (DFSA) and the Distinguished Staff Service Award (DSSA).
Officers: Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Secretary to be selected by the committee from the membership.

Frequency of Meetings: Minimum of twice a semester.

Reporting Channels: Recommendatory to the President.

Minutes and Proposals Copied to: The Library, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association and Staff Congress. (Published minutes should protect the confidentiality of nominees.)

Support Services: Office of the President.


The procedure for resignation from a University Standing Committee is written notification to the University Standing Committee chairperson, Faculty Senate secretary, and the faculty member's Department Chair. In the absence of a University Standing Committee Chairperson, the notification may be sent to the Faculty Senate secretary and the faculty member's Department Chair.

  • Katelyn, Kaufmann, COS, 2022-24
  • Geralda Nelson, COE 2022-24
  • Brian Mason, HUM, 2023-25, CHAIR-ELECT 2024  
  • Stephen Brigham, CBT, 2023-25, CHAIR
  • VACANT, Skilled Crafts, 2022-24
  • Dan Connell, Exec/Managerial, 2021-23
  • Chris Hampton, Serv/Maint, 2022-24
  • Robert Lacy, Tech/Para, 2020-22
  • Ken Andries, Department Chair, 2022-24
  • Thomas Clem, SGA Rep., 1-year term
  • Lucinda Ward Prof. Librarian, 2023-25
  • Elizabeth Ash, Distinguished Faculty, Position Filled
  • Max Ammons, Distinguished Staff, Position Filled
  • Victoria Cooper, Sec/Clerical, 2021-23
  • Amanda Lewis, Executive/Managerial, 2022-24

* All 1-year terms end Aug. 15 of each fiscal year.

Contact Information

Faculty Senate

Susan Perry, Faculty Senate Secretary
302A Ginger Hall

PHONE: 606-783-2598