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General Education Through 2021

The baccalaureate degree at MSU is a total of 120 semester hours with 36 hours committed to general education. This consists of a 18-hour core that includes humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural sciences, a three-hour first-year seminar, and three hours of senior capstone. In associate degree programs, students must complete a 15-hour core in general education that includes First Year Seminar (3 hours), Writing I and Writing II (3 hours each), Fundamentals of Speech Communication (3 hours), and a math reasoning course (3 hours). 

The General Education Program was designed to develop and assess progress in students’ writing, presentation, and critical thinking skills using pre- and post-tests and common rubrics. Implementation of value-added, longitudinal assessment for MSU students now begins in the first-year seminar and culminates in the capstone course.

The General Education Program provides a foundation of knowledge and skills vital for all students. The curriculum provides students with the attributes needed to participate intelligently and responsibly in the discourses that shape the communities in which they live. General education is more than the acquisition of information or skills for daily life; it transcends the merely factual to raise and engage evaluative and philosophical questions. General education submits the fundamental principles and suppositions of a body of knowledge to inquiry and discussion. It challenges students to uncover and examine the assumptions under which they operate. General education aims to form in students a questioning spirit that will continue through their college career and their life as a whole and provide the grounds for development of the kind of people who can secure their own well-being while contributing to their communities, their professions and the world in which they live. Approved Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs) form the foundation for student achievement, curriculum development and program assessment.

These General Education requirements are valid through the summer semester of 2021. 

General Education Council

The General Education Council is responsible for the management of the General Education Program. The General Education Council is a standing committee chaired by Dr. Laurie Couch, associate provost, with representatives approved by the vote of the Faculty Senate.

General Education Reform for 2021+

Morehead State University is currently in the implementation planning phase of the general education reform process.

In fall of 2016, then Provost, Steve Ralston initiated a review of the current general education program at Morehead State University by forming the faculty ad hoc General Education Review Task Force (GERTF). GERTF was charged with conducting a thorough assessment of Morehead State University’s General Education program with a completion timeline of May 2017. 

Following its comprehensive study, the GERTF submitted their report and recommended that the Morehead State University General Education program should be revised. The General Education Review Steering Committee (GERSC) received and reviewed the General Education Review Task Force’s Report and concurred with the GERTF report and recommended that, “significant and substantive changes be made to the MSU’s General Education Program. The GERSC recommended that the GERTF continue its work and be charged to develop and recommend a revised General Education Program with a corresponding assessment plan.”

During 2017-18 academic year, GERTF developed a revised General Education Program and corresponding assessment plan. On March 26, 2018, the LUX General Education Program Proposal was submitted. The proposal was subsequently approved by the General Education Council and their approval was forwarded to Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate adopted a resolution to defer on its response, expressing the need for further review. Dr. Bob Albert, Interim Provost, established an ad hoc Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee. 

The Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee evaluated the LUX General Education Program, provided the report and revised general education plan to the faculty and solicited feedback.  Based on the feedback a further revised plan was distributed for faculty review and a full faculty vote. The faculty adopted the plan as distributed by majority vote. 

Following adoption, the Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee was reconstituted as the Implementation Team with the addition of the Director of General Education and the Registrar. The Director of General Education serves as the chair of the Implementation Team. This team is charged with completing the details necessary for and the implementation of the approved General Education Program. The Implementation Team is in the process of completing their charge.

Following implementation of the 2021+ General Education Program, the ongoing management of it will become the responsibility of the General Education Council.


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