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STEM+X - Robot Gladiator

The Robot Gladiator Training Camp is a residential STEM+X summer program that brings together science, mathematics, engineering, and convergent media.

This program provides students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on engineering design practices as they work in teams to design and build weapon systems for competitive, full-contact, remotely controlled robots. Robot Gladiator Training Camp is delivered by Newton’s Attic, a non-profit engineering education organization out of Lexington, Kentucky.

Robot Gladiator Training Camp is designed to improve students’ STEM knowledge with a focus on engineering, physics, and mathematics. Participants in this program will also learn videography skills as they document their progress and develop a highlight reel for their robots.

They will learn about communication and teamwork as they strategically build and hype their robots to compete against those from other teams. The Robot Gladiator Training Camp is a unique and well-rounded program that encourages students to learn about math and physics in the engineering design process while also integrating relevant and timely skills, including communication, media, and creativity, that they use every day.

This program is designed to support educators too. Kentucky educators interested in learning more about project-based learning in physical science, physics, mathematics, engineering, and convergent media are encouraged to participate. Educators, please contact Kristin Beighle for more information.

STEM knowledge and skills

  • Participate in the engineering design and development of robotic systems
  • Explore the engineering design process and use it to build a competitive robot battle system
  • Apply math and science knowledge to mechanical and electrical design processes
  • Develop skills using industrial tools
  • Investigate programmable mechanical systems using science, math, and engineering to design and create
  • their own weapon system
  • Analyze test results and complete the reiterative engineering design to improve their robots

+X skills

  • Learn and apply strategy to successfully battle robots to test effectiveness of weapon system
  • Gain and apply teamwork and communication skills while building and battling robots
  • Produce documentary and promotional style videos highlighting robots and the engineering process
  • Create and design their robot's name and logo

Where: Morehead State University

Cost: $600

Financial assistance available

For: Kentucky students entering 9th and 10th grades

Number of participants: 20 students and 4 educators

Requirement: Algebra I

Apply by: June 24, 2022


Contact Us

Center for STEM+Excellence

Brenda Porter, Program Coordinator
421D Bert Combs Bldg
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2300