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Anechoic Chambers

The Morehead State University Space Science Center anechoic chambers are experimental laboratories that simulate the electromagnetic environment of space to allow testing and measurement of satellite systems, antennas, and antenna components.

An anechoic chamber is essentially an experimental room lined with RF-absorbent material and contains an antenna positioner and controller that allows for a variety of empirical measurements of antenna performance. The facilities allow MSU to manage an antenna verification program to characterize the RF performance of space-based and ground-based antenna systems. The anechoic chambers facilitate empirical measurements of antenna parameters such as radiation patterns, gain, system temperature profiles, astronomical radio source gain-to-noise temperature ratio (G/T), cross-polarization isolation contours, and effective isotropically radiated power (EIRP) stability. Additional measurements for CubeLab payloads are made in the chamber including RF leakage, RF susceptibility, etc.

The system will utilize a 3-axis positioner for the antenna under test, to allow accurate movement in azimuth, elevation and polarization under computer control. The test receiver system is capable of covering the frequency range from 50 MHz to 18 GHz. The system facilitates precise and automated measurements required for the verification of all aspects of small satellite communication systems.

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